About....part two

Can you tell I'm a little too detailed? Matt loves me for this sweet little trait...

Having grown up in the south, I had a taste for traditional decor. However, I had such a mixed taste, I wasn’t exactly sure what my style was. When we moved to Florida, one of my dear friends, Laura introduced me to the magazine Cottage Living and I fell in love! I knew “cottage” was exactly what I loved, especially shabby chic...maybe because it was an eclectic combination of pieces and since I was working with a lot of hand me downs and freebies, I had to get creative to fit them all together and make my home cozy. Whether she knows it or not, Laura was great inspiration to me! I love her style...very sweet, shabby chic, cottage, farm style (excuse all the adjectives). You can buy coffee and support her adoption and orphanage here. By the way, Cottage Living is no longer in print, and Country Living has become my new fave.

It was actually Laura and I who were pursuing doing a little cottage type business together. So after we made some rounds garage selling and finding some wonderfully inspiring pieces that were to go in our future store (which are now in my home and I’m not sure I want to part with them, hee hee) we set off downtown to city hall to get more advice. This is when we were referred to some other similar businesses in the area.

{one of my favorite finds...old cash register drawer....now my jewelry drawer}

We then took a little trip down Central Avenue in St. Pete and found our dream...Bliss and La Tea Da, a sweet little shabby chic shop with a tea room in the back. After a short while and seeing that God’s plan was actually taking Laura back to her home town in North Carolina, I set out to get a job at Bliss. I had no idea what I was in for! Cristina, the owner became one of my dearest friends and will always be one of the most inspiring people I know. She is so talented in so many areas, it’s ridiculous. However, when her lease was up, a couple of years later she had to close Bliss and begin working out of her home, where she is now actually able to pursue more areas of her business.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, you need to check her out! She can do anything...design, sew, paint, party plan, you name it! She's supposed to have a site up and running soon, so I'll post when she does. I have learned so much from her and miss her tons! I know working with her was a huge step to pursuing my own hobbies. Maybe I can get her to share some of her talents with you through this blog! If you keep up with me, you'll be treated to some fun little giveaways from me and my friends!


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