Family Pics

Some new pics with the girls! Anna Jaymes didn't exactly cooperate, so she's a little m.i.a., but managed a few smiles. All credits go to Beth Dare in St. Pete who just started her own photography business a few months ago. She helped us out last week by coming out and snapping a few shots one morning for our Phase 2 cards.

{I could eat her up!}
{I just love her little cheeks in this one}
{Daddy's little girl....grin and bear it}

{Daddy's other little girl}

{family shot....it is a MIRACLE that we were all looking and smiling....1 out of 400}
{What I love about this is that I have a picture of Anna Jaymes
at the same age trying to eat my face too. So sweet, I know}

{Miss Independent, happy by herself}

{lil' football}

{sort of good}
That's all folks!


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