Our little farmhouse

"Oh my, that's tiny!" I hear ya. Yes, it is a little house, but it has been so great for us! (This picture was from before we moved in. I don't have a good new one yet.) For those of you who don't know the story....we moved here to Starkville this year on faith that God was bringing us here to start a college ministry. We had no idea what our income would be and where we would live. A week before we started going to our church, this family started back to this church after attending elsewhere for several years. The week we came, they told us they had been praying for someone to come live on their farm in exchange for feeding their horses. We immediately knew it was something we'd be interested in, but it took a few months for all the details to fall into place. Besides an immediate farm family and a cute little farmhouse with lots of character, we got so much more than we asked or needed.
Here's some pics...

Our backyard barn...I was quite excited when I first laid eyes on it. Besides it being old and beautiful, it screamed "workshop and storage!"

the farm...fishing, hunting, and beautiful country (Matt's answered prayer)
some other interesting pictures around our house...
side yard art....
back yard art...
That would be an upside down fig. I have never eaten a fig until we moved here. I think I had tried fig preserves, but wasn't too impressed. Until now. I didn't know what I was missing. They. Are. Yummy. Anna Jaymes would have to agree as she constantly eats them off the tree. Especially the preserves are yummy, at least the way my Mamaw makes them, they basically just taste like sweet syrup. I also found out how to get my papaw to share his strawberry preserves...take him a bucket of figs and he's good to go!
Our backyard friends... I'm not so sure it's good now that Anna Jaymes says "shoot deer" all the time.
Our window friend... who sometimes likes to flutter in front of the window, either checking us out inside or his own image in the glass reflection.
Bailey in front of the Magnolia Tree. Needless to say, he is happy here.

So, that's about it for now, I'll post some inside pics soon!


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