Some Projects...

After we moved into the house, I was able to start painting. So most of the things I've painted lately have been for myself...finally! I was all about getting things put in place...and then I got tired of it...and now I have a pile waiting on me....again. See, I like storage for this reason...but Matt doesn't. :) Good thing I have a big barn in the back yard.
Anyway...here's the desk I painted for the living room. I made my own nook of an office beside the gigantic fireplace.

After... a new painting technique I had not tried before...turned out good, I thought! (The lighting from the room looks a little yellow in the picture though) It was a little tricky on the top, too because the wood has some criss cross patterns.

We got the wood for the shelves above the desk out of a burn pile across the road. Thrifty, I know. I didn't have matching brackets (something I took out of storage....so see, storage is good), so I just mixed them. They do match on each shelf, however. I thought I had pictures of these...I'll post some soon.

Old Projects.....

Ok! This was one of our best finds! Matt found this sleigh bed on the side of the road in St. Pete. Being the good hubby he is, he called me and told me I may want to see something. So, he came back and got me and we loaded it up and took it to its new home. It was just a basic brown sleigh bed, but I painted it white and roughed it up pretty good for a real rustic look. Sorry, I don't have many good pictures of it...this was from right before I sold it. Yes, I sold it....after I got some good use out of it first. I miss it. {However, we just built our own storage bed. I can't show it to you yet because it still needs the final details to be done! Hopefully soon!}

This was a little dresser I painted for someone a while back....
I think it was used for a beach theme room.
{After....this was before the owner had hardware for it......
So, Christina, if you read this, send an after pic!}

I'll try to find and take some more pictures of pieces to post. I'm also going to show you some things I need to paint! That means if I show you, I have to paint them SOON so you can see the "after." Good motivation for me.


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