Big Cedar and bad hair days

So....we're on our way to Big Cedar Lodge.....for the 3rd time this year. Aaah! Matt just corrected me! It's the first time THIS year. Happy New Year, by the way!
Big Cedar is part of our timeshare we have so we get to stay there quite a bit, which is Matt's (the hunter) dream. I'm just tired of driving. I can't imagine why....we only just drove from Mississippi to Florida and then to Texas last month.

Anyway, it's beautiful, and it may snow while we're there. We are actually taking 6 of the Phase 2 college kids with us on this little winter retreat. I voted for a ski trip, but since we're taking a big mission trip this summer, we opted for a smaller winter retreat. I guess snow and a sled will do for now. So, besides the drive and wondering how Adolyn will sleep in a room full of girls, I'm really excited about this trip. We'll have some good quiet time, time in the Word, and good fellowship. The funny thing is that it ended up being all couples going...so 4 of us couples and a little baby Adolyn.

A little break from the ever-adventurous Anna Jaymes will be nice (pray for my momma), but I already miss her. I still see her little face smashed against the back door crying! I always like to hug her and smell her before I leave so I can remember her, but this time all I could smell was the mac and cheese.

So.....in honor of sweet Anna Jaymes, I want to post some pics of her hair-do's she likes to sport in the mornings. I really don't know what she does. I can't imagine. You'd think it would get old, but seriously, it just gets funnier....to us at least. Maybe it's just funny because she has no idea or care and she just carries on, and with every turn and throw of the head, the hair does. not. move.

This was the first sign of her crazy mornings, I'm not sure how old she is here.

This is not that bad, but I think that hair up front was stuck like that.

Holy Cow.....

This was the same morning...

This was last week....
Needless to say, we have definitely invested in "No More Tangles."

I know that has nothing to do with our trip, oh well. We will miss her. Being a parent, it's so hard to tell your children good bye sometimes....you just wonder how it would be if something happened while you're gone. So, these trips just make me appreciate my time with my children so much more. I don't want the daily details to make me miss the important moments with my girls. I don't want to take them for granted.
That's definitely one new year's resolution I have...to not get too distracted with the chores of my day or the trying times of toddlerhood, but to cherish this precious time with my babies.

Well, that's enough for this post, I'll post some pics of our trip as we go.


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