The Hanging of the Chalk Board

My first step for more reminders in my home to focus on God....I finally got the chalkboard hung. This was once a gaudy gold mirror that I bought for $2 or $3 at a yard sale. A little spray paint, chalk board paint, and sanding helped a little, I must say.

One day, I may brush a little bit of other color on it where it's sanded, but for now, I like it. I added a couple of hooks beside it for a more functional space in the kitchen considering everything usually just got thrown in this corner. {And, f.y.i, I was playing around with my camera and the lighting....you wouldn't believe how dark it actually was in the kitchen when I took this. However, the red paint still came out a little orange.....I'm still working on some techniques obviously.}

I thought this was the best verse for me to write on the board for now. I'm sure it will get many other uses as well, but I want there to always be a verse somewhere on it. Don't you worry, I've been thinking about my next post to continue my thoughts on the book I'm reading (The Practice of the Presence of God).....and I'm excited to share it with you, as I'm sure you've been anticipating it. :) So, stay tuned! God's really opened my eyes quite a bit.

Here's a sneak peak on something else I want to do:

I've been collecting and copying pictures from my grandparents....I just found some more today of great grandparents and aunts and uncles. This is the first bunch I found. That's my Mamaw and Papaw at the top, my sweet little mommy to the left, my Papaw in the army {in several pics}, various relatives, and then a random post card I had sent them from Paris! I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with these yet....gotta think about it.
This is a random thought....I always think about how I would have loved to have met my great grandparents and so on......but I've never really thought about how much they probably wish they could have known me, too. They probably hope some part of them will pass down through the generations and that there will be some sort of legacy they leave. I wonder what part of me takes after some of them. I wonder if I'm really like one of them. It's kind of neat to think about your family line....what kind of heritage you have, what kind of legacy that's been left and what kind of legacy you will leave.

God bless!


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