I'll give you a hint...

I have a little GIVEAWAY coming up soon in the next couple of weeks!

Here's a hint....it's actually 2 things. One is being worked on by moi, and the other is in the mail on its way here!

Are you wondering why I'm even giving away freebies? Well.....besides keeping you coming back for more.....hopefully, (gotta be honest here...transparency is my #1 rule) I myself love getting free things...not that it happens a lot though. :)

I want to start sharing a little bit of what I love and what I do with all of you and to show you that I appreciate you reading my blog! I think gift giving is one of my love languages I like to show. If I had more money, I would seriously just want to give, give, give. It really is fun. And, then that gets me thinking. Why do I have to have more money to want to give, give, give? Obviously, I'd have more to give. Duh. But, seriously, I want to want to give no matter what I have. How can we be faithful with a lot, if we aren't faithful with a little? Just thinking out loud here.

Ok! So, stay tuned!

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