Laundry Room Part 1

Ok, so when you're renting a house and can't do many changes to it, it's sometimes disappointing. Then again, sometimes it's nice to be stuck with it and not have the choice! We're sort of in the middle. Luckily, there's not a lot that needs to be done in our little cottage........but, there is ONE thing: the laundry room/mudroom....wouldn't you say?

We get to change out the flooring because that was already in the owners' plans. (When we moved in, they didn't have all the tile needed yet) The rest of the "redo" will be our stuff getting the makeover. Now that I've shown you the most horrible room in our house, and am now utterly embarrassed, I hope you can hang with us to see the final outcome!

And, let me clarify....when we first moved in, I was trying stuff out and playing with ideas, so that's why you see things half way done....the half way shelf - not painted, coke bottles sitting around randomly, etc. It just got to be a room where everything was thrown with no organization, and honestly neither Matt nor I can stand it anymore. With a house this little, for us to maintain some sanity, we've got to be organized. Truth be told, I actually threw some boxes out and straightened up a bit before I took these pics. Scary, I know.

The big day is tomorrow when we will move everything out and Matt will put down the floor.
Here's what's on the to-do list....and, no it won't all get done tomorrow:
build work table out of scrap wood
build shoe shelf out of scrap wood
paint crates for storage on top shelf
paint shelves for wall
paint shelf to go on table
make Bailey's bed....(if he chews this one up, he may just be out of luck! I've lost count of the beds we've gone through.)

So, lots of building and painting! woo hoo! You know I'm excited. :) I'll keep you posted along the way.

Oh, and about that giveaway.....it's coming, I promise! I'm having a bit of technical issues with our computer screen so I can't get it done! But, one day soon, I promise.


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