Laundry Room Part 2

Well, it's coming along! However, it's really so funny to try and get things done with 2 little girls. Plus, Matt had some farm work I didn't know he had to do. I'm such an instant gratification person (who isn't?!) and not very patient with getting everything done. I forget how much these girls slow me down!! Can't a two year old skip a meal here and there? :) JK But, I'm getting better at knowing that I'm probably not going to get nearly as much done as I'm hoping.
Anyway, I don't actually have any update pictures of what we got done....just the mess along the way. We did get the floor done though!

{Can't get through the doorway.....}

{Our lovely floor that was under the lovely carpet.....}

{Our mess....glad it didn't rain today.....}

I took little baby Adolyn to Lowe's with me shopping for supplies. I should have gotten a pic of that....her carseat sitting in the middle of one of those huge push carts (the ones made for the BIG stuff), rocking back and forth as I tried to make the corners. I did get a few comments from admiring customers.

Oh, I actually did search through the barns for some wood. Yes, I crawled up in the loft with spiders and all....just praying that nothing would touch me. Then I planned out and measured for all the things we "get to" build. Can't wait to see how that goes!

Here's a piece of a little conversation on one of the last tiles:
Me: I just want to see how you measure when you cut (in case I need to do it one day)
Matt: ok, your thing (my quilting ruler that I threatened his life with) has numbers on it, so it makes it real easy.
Me: (as he cuts the first line) Wait! That doesn't look right....aren't you cutting that edge backwards!?
Matt: No.
Me: Are you sure?!
Matt: So.....are you going to "watch" or tell me how to do this? (jokingly with a smile of course)
Me: Ok.... :)
Matt: ....as he cuts and puts it into place.....backwards!! says nothing, he doesn't even notice
Me: See! It's backwards! The grout's turned the wrong way!
Matt: Crap!
Me: laugh
long pause....
Matt: You were right, I was wrong. (with another smile)
Me: Big smile here.
Our teamwork has gotten much better :)

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