Mobile internet is nice when you're on a road trip, especially when you don't have much else to do.
Just so you know....we're not the only ones that stuff our big dog in the back of our little car.....

Poor Bailey, he's not with us now though. Anyway, that's not what this post is about, I'm just documenting our drive so far. :)

So, here's my biggest conviction lately and therefore a New Year's resolution....
I've never in my life been as tired and busy as I am with a toddler and a 7 month old. It has been a true challenge this past year to spend time in God's Word and focus on Him throughout the day. I do enjoy a good morning quiet time and bible study, but I think I have put that in a box too much. I think I have become too dependent on that specific time of renewal. So, I believe that God is using this time to show me that He wants me to live more in His presence and be constantly in communion with Him and not just to depend on one daily time (even though those are great!).

As I realized I was getting less time in the Word, I started hungering more for the Word and started wishing I knew more of it in my heart and mind. I started trying to memorize more scripture, which has helped and I started wanting more scripture around my home....things that will constantly be turning my attention to Him. Matt and I have actually been talking about this for a long time now....how we want our house to be a place filled with Truths that turn our eyes and minds toward Him, not just meaningless decor....not that I have a problem with things that are just pretty! Because, I of course, want to do this in some pretty little way that I not only benefit from seeing the words, but also enjoy seeing how it's made. {more on that in a bit}

So, in order to help me live more in His presence, besides more scriptures in my house and mind, I just started reading this little book someone referred me to {ended up I already had it sitting on my shelf, it was my late step father's}....

It's already been really inspiring and challenging and I've only read a little bit. In case you can't see, it's The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. I really want this to be my life....practicing the presence of God all day long.....in every thing I do. So.....like I said before, in order to help me do that, I'll need to help myself by changing some of my surroundings, keeping some scriptures with me to memorize throughout the day, and focus on living in God's grace. I just don't want to box in my little time with God, I want to be renewed all day long.

So, about making it pretty....these are some projects I want to start soon and will be putting on the blog. They'll incorporate all kinds of things from repurposed finds to simple pictures. Here's a picture I made for my grandparents for Christmas..... {excuse the bad lighting}

Now, their's is more traditional looking and it's personalized at the bottom because I knew they would appreciate it like that. The actual picture is distressed some though. I like the idea of pictures that are meaningful to us with encouraging scriptures. {This pic was from our honeymoon} I think I'm gonna play around with some pics like this in different colors and scriptures and all that. We'll see how it goes and I'll let you know soon!

This is all just an example of how I'm not really sure where this hobby of "Blossoms and Vintage" is going. I'm just letting the Lord lead me in my projects and paints as time goes on and we'll just see what happens!


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