Our Saturday

Here's a couple of pics of the girls today.  Earlier, Anna Jaymes WANTED me to take a picture of her and her baby doll and she was cheesing it up.  But, here when I want her to hug her sister and smile for the camera......I get no such luck.

So, while Daddy was out freezing his tush off in the cold woods, Anna Jaymes and I sat and watched the deer out the back window in our own back yard. 

This is actually from yesterday. I sanded on the table for a while with a little bit of everything. Can you see the difference between the 2 pieces of wood after using the steel wool in the second pic?  It was a miracle worker by far.

Maybe I should do a tutorial on this.  However, I started staining today....and let's just say it's a little darker than what it shows on the can!  This is why I would rather paint, it's hard to know how staining is going to turn out.  At least it is for me, but maybe that's because I haven't stained a lot.  I'll post some pics of that soon. I didn't manage any today, because I about froze MY tush off in that laundry room and I was only out there long enough to do the staining.

Here's Bailey, who followed me around ALL day long.  He was either hungry or in great need of some attention. Poor fella.

So, about that giveaway......in light of my bargain complaints and what inspires me to get creative and recycle.....we have our first little giveaway!!!

{I changed this up since our computer was messed up for soooo long!}

Each time these will be different and who knows....it may be something for your home, something for you, gift cards, something from another little business. Any reader can win....even our mommas! Just leave a comment below sometime within the next few days and you'll be entered. PLUS.....blog about it or post it on facebook and you'll be entered again!  Just let me know you did! 

And if it's not your style, feel free to pass it on to someone else, but I promise it's got some great ideas in those pages!  You can find out more about these ladies here.

Oh!  And I just found a new blog and yet another giveaway! {you may have seen it through Lola B's} 
Looks cute, check it out!  Twig

Thanks for reading!


  1. So excited about your giveaway! How exciting that I'm the first commenter too! =) I love all of the things you've been working on. The laundry room is going to look great! So glad to see you guys are doing well!

  2. Stacey Jolley WebbJanuary 31, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    So, if Momma's can win...I am assuming sisters can too...! You are so talented...and I don't know how you find the time to update this blog so reguarly...I can't do mine...and I have 2 fewer children than you! I LOVE YOU! -Stace

  3. well, why wouldn't i comment if i might win something! and seeing as how my grandmother and mother have passed along to me this need/desire to pick things up from the side of the road and turn it into something great (or at least attempt to), this looks like a fabulous giveaway! we really should see somebody about it...there should be a group or something...:)
    love you,

  4. My mom just told me about your blog! Sign me up! I'm going to go look around it now!

  5. So I never knew you could sand with steel wool before but it does make sense... I'll have to tuck that piece of info away somewhere when I actually have a house to fix up one day! :)

  6. What beautiful girls you have!! I sure do miss seeing them. I'm enjoying your blog and hearing about your projects and seeing them in progress. Tell them Nina loves them very much!!