Pulling the reins

I love to decorate. I love to design. I love to paint. I like pretty things. It's my hobby. It's my business. Sometimes I get really excited about ideas I have or things I find that I can fix up and make new. I get so excited that I can't hardly focus on anything else. My mind is rambling of a thousand things....sometimes a little too much. This could last for minutes or it could last for days.

Then I get this gut wrenching pang that it's all meaningless. What's the point? It's materialistic. It's all going to pass away one day. I mean I seriously get this feeling in my gut.....it's such a disappointing feeling. Or, so it seems at first. Then I realize that it's God refocusing my heart. My prayer has been for a while that I will always truly see this hobby for what it is.....a hobby, a gift, a bonus.....something I enjoy doing for fun (of course the little income helps too, but still).

I want to always see it for what it is. So, when my heart starts wandering, God pulls the reins in and brings my heart back into focus....hence the pang in the gut, a.k.a. my lack of peace. The neatest thing is, is that when my heart is on Him, I'm filled with peace and I enjoy my hobby even more. I'm not putting more meaning into it than need be. I see it for what it truly is. My focus is in check and where it needs to be. That's the peace I always want....and often have to fight for.

{I couldn't resist the vintage toy reins....Matt says we need a set for Anna Jaymes}

Does that make sense? It's a constant battle to try and keep our priorities in check....I'm sure you agree.

I say this because I'm sure no one in Haiti right now is perplexed about how to paint their room, or what clothes to wear tonight. I'm sure some are wishing they had a room.....that they had their family.

I heard on the radio this morning that one guy twittered from Haiti....

"What was important is now not so important."

{probably not exact words, but you get it}

I've just been thinking about this today. I can't imagine such a disaster. I can't imagine losing my little girls or them losing their parents. I can't imagine having to leave a crying girl after hours of trying to get her out of the rubble with no success.

I can't understand God's purpose. But, I know He's in control.

My gut's been hurting a little today. I think He's pulling those reins on my heart. I think I need to be praying for His children in Haiti and all those people He loves.

{Isn't it nice when our Father...or grandfather....holds the reins?}

{No....technically there are no reins in this picture :) }

One of our Phase 2 guys, Jonathan is in Haiti for the semester working at an orphanage. He's safe, but I'm sure his life is changed.

This has all reminded me of a short post I read a while back over at Lola B's....here's the link if you have the time....

God bless you today :)

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