Another week gone by....

It's been so long! I've missed blogging this past week. Honestly, I must say, it's a bit refreshing to just talk, or type, and share what's on my mind, pretending to have some sort of adult conversation in at least some part of my day.....it may be a one way convo, but it's still a bit rejuvenating.

So, what have we been doing, you wonder??? Well......Phase 2, resting, gymnastics, laundry room, laundry, crawling, had friends over, visiting Nana and Ba, getting stuck in the mud, reading, locked a mouse out of our bathroom wall, studying the Word, checked out Campus Crusade, discipling, started planning a summer road trip (yay) and actually went on a date!

We had been so busy lately and this past rainy weekend, we just decided to take a break. Matt rented some movies, hooked up the projector, and made a theater in our teeny tiny living room. We don't watch a lot of t.v. or movies, so it was a nice change of pace. 3 movies in 2 days....kind of extreme for us.

I also did some work with the laundry room! I'll just say that I got out the white spray paint and covered the oil pan, the coffee can, and my lime green bucket. I also moved stuff around, cleaned and got more organized. Pictures coming, I promise.

So, let me just say that...... I HATE. SPRAY. PAINT!!! It's so not easy to work with, especially on metal. You have to be so careful to not spray too much and not let it run, and I'm just not that patient sometimes. Well, I did SOOOO good on all of the, oh maybe six layers of white on lime green, and the last clear coat ran! I almost kicked the bucket across the yard. Instead, I just yelled....just a little. I WILL master the spray paint though.....I'm determined now.

I went back and sanded it down a little with a light steel wool because that's the only thing that wouldn't really scratch up the metal. It helped a lot. Again, sorry no pics right now!

I really think it was the paint though. :) I don't like the brand I was using.....have had many little issues with those cans....running, clogging, splattering. So, I'll just tell you the brand....Valspar from Lowes. I've had some luck with it before, but I think I'll finally just try a different brand. And, yes I follow the directions, but still. Oh! Plus, the white color was not actually true white, it was a totally different white than the cap color. See, I hope you can appreciate learning from my lessons. Lowes may not appreciate it, but I'm just being honest. :) The Rustoleum brand did turn out better though.....so far at least for the rusty projects.

So.....on a happier note.....I've had such sweet time with my girls this week. Finally got Anna Jaymes to "sort of" take a picture....hugging (or strangling) her little sister.....

{f.y.i. I was trying out the "Antique" setting on the Mac with these pics}

Sisterly love.....

Sweet little Adolyn.....

Sweet Cheeks.....

It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow!!! Maybe it will actually stick and be thick enough to be pretty. I'll try to get some good pics if it does. We also have our Valentine's banquet at church.....I hear it's the party of the year at Emmanuel. Let's just hope that Matt and I don't get called up on stage to play the couples game.....that would not be good.

I'll try to get more laundry pics soon. Also, I have made a pact to Matt to not buy more projects until I get some done that I already have. ha ha ha ha ha No, really. I did. So, I'll show you some things I need to work on and maybe that will get me moving!



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