Laundry Room Part 4

Whew!!! It's been a busy week.....and the table is finished!!!

As I said before, the stain came out darker than what the can shows. It was weird though because the stain ended up like a dark grey. So, since it was darker and it was only a satin finish, I decided to change up the rest of the process.

Instead of putting a second stain coat, I applied 3 layers of clear semi-gloss polyeurethane {2 layers on bottom and sides and 3 layers on top....so many layers is NOT good for my need for instant gratification}. This semi-gloss really brought out the color in the wood and actually lightened it up quite a bit. I'm not sure why it does that, but it does! I mean look at that! Crazy!

Overall, it's still a little darker than what I planned, but I'm really satisfied with it and think it's really pretty!

This is where I must throw my perfectionism out the window! Dealing with old barn wood is going to bring about unexpected characteristics....but that's just it, it gives it character. :) I like that.

{Much thanks to Matt for helping....I couldn't have done it without him!}

These were just some comparison shots I took of the stain, I'll try to get some full body shots soon.

I went shopping in the barn today through my stuff and here's what I pulled out to use in the laundry room. We'll see what we can do with it.

Most of it is all from my papaw's. Great bargains!

I also made Bailey's bed. He is a happy pup now considering he hasn't really had a bed in quite a while. More on that to come.

THANKS to everyone for commenting! All SIX of you! :) Number 3 will be getting a book in the mail! I hope you enjoy it Mandy, I know your momma and grandmother will! :)

Thanks y'all for reading!



  1. I wish I had your talent Crystal!!!

  2. awesome! thanks! can't wait to get all new ideas! your stuff is looking wonderful - including your sweet girls!