Laundry Room Part 5

I hope y'all weren't expecting a quick laundry room makeover. :) It's coming along still....at a rather slow rate, of course. I thought I'd give you a little peek of the corner with the table. It's not done on top right now, so of course I just took a picture of the bottom....Bailey's new bed and that horrid lime green bucket, now white. I thought about painting something in black on the front, not sure yet.

{One day soon, hopefully that chair will get painted white}

Speaking of the chair getting painted.....it made me think of the paint I will use for it. I should have taken a picture, but one day last week while I was organizing, my gallon of "cookie crumb" white paint fell from the TOP shelf all the way to the FLOOR. The lid flew off as it flipped, but somehow it landed on its bottom. It did lose about 1/4 of the paint, but it was seriously a miracle it was only in the middle of the floor (mind you it flew OVER my table)! I just stared in disbelief as this was all happening in front of me. I couldn't believe it.....glad Matt wasn't there to see his new floor get covered in white paint....then again it would have been nice to have had help cleaning that mess up!


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