Laundry Room Part 6

Although the laundry room is STILL not done, it's definitely a functional working space....finally!! I was actually able to use the table to do my work today. Everything else may be pushed aside {as in the pic below}, but it was quite fun to have easy access to all my tools and spread out my stuff to paint.

Speaking of "tools," as I was sanding down Heather's frames and using my microfiber cloth {pink one in the pic}, I wondered if my fellow painters know how valuable this cloth is??!!? After sanding and blowing off the majority of dust, or if you're inside and have to be careful with the dust, this thing is wonderful! It's a great piece to do the last wipe down before your paint. I know they have other great cloths for the same thing at paint stores, but I just had some of these lying around for cleaning.....thank you, Melody. If you use these to clean, you may already know this, but I thought I'd share just in case. :)

Now, while the place may be getting more functional, I was in need of some inspiration for organizing and making it pretty. :) So, of course I had to pull out my trusty binder of magazine clippings.....or, rather 2 binders....and I'm well on my way to having 3. Since I tend to have ideas run through my head of projects I want to do in the future, when I see anything remotely inspiring, I have to save it....just in case. And, look! I came across hanging buckets today.......

And, here's mine I hung the other day.....

Now, hopefully soon, I want to get out my chalk board paint and paint on the front so I can write labels on them. I'd prefer pretty little things peeking over the tops of the buckets, but my paint tools are a little more practical than pretty and they need the buckets for now.

I did find plenty of good ideas from the clippings, so now I just need to find the time. :)



  1. Now in your "spare time" you can come visit me and let me pick your brain!! Everything looks so great!!

  2. Crystal,
    I love it! So cute and I'm impressed with your organizational skills. Something I have never mastered nor think I ever will!!
    Love ya'll,

  3. Crystal! I tear out pages from magazines too! I don't have as many binders as you though...:)