Laundry Room Part 7

Maybe it shouldn't be called the laundry room......maybe it should be called my work room. Laundry is part of my work....on a good week. :) Anyway, I have been organizing like crazy trying to fit everything in this one little back porch....laundry/mudroom, sewing room, craft room, paint room, dog room, cleaning closet, storage...whatever it is. My organizing skills are definitely getting tested.

Even though they are a little more modern than my style, I will have to figure out a way to tie these in. I had two of these boxes that I had picked up from Dirt Chrap......ha ha, ok, seriously, I meant to type "Cheap," but Chrap is what came out.....funny because that's almost the truth, too most of the time. :)

So, I have two of these storage cubes, and it's come down to me needing to use them.

I started putting the first one together and got to the end where there were no containers! So, I then noticed on the box where it said those are sold separately......guess I didn't read the box before I bought them.

They had tons of these same boxes, but not with all the other pieces you can buy with it.....probably why it was so cheap. So, then I just said I could maybe order them online or find something else to use.........

And, my sweet, creative hubby almost instantly had the idea to try one of the million baby jars we had!

Perfect fit!

So.......we'll be saving lots of jars this week.....yay, more dishes to clean.

Matt got Anna Jaymes in on the construction with HER very own "Hammuh." She really did hammer'em down good, too!

I also finished up the frames for Heather. I like how they turned out!

Remember, the before...

Here's the after.......lots better.....

I started off with my cookie crumb white paint and dry brushed it for the first and most of the coats. {I always like to start off with as little paint as possible, especially when I know I'll distress it some. It's always easier to add more paint later if I want to or if I don't like that look. I also leave it kinda thin in spots for more character and the ease of sanding.} The white paint was a little too "cool" for the pictures, so I mixed in some brown to my cookie crumb to where it gave it a little warmth and was more of a creamy white. Then, I was able to just brush a couple of thin coats over it {thin enough to where after I made it around both frames once, the first strokes were basically dry}.
Next, I sanded it down a little so the gold and brown underneath showed through.
I finished it off with a couple coats of protectant sealer.....mainly because I didn't use primer....but I really recommend always using primer for something like this.....unless you can sand the old paint down really well.

Now, I'm pooped and need some rest. :) Have a great Sunday!!


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