My Little Prodigy

Anna Jaymes and I were up for a little bonding time this morning......and whatever did we do?

Paint, of course!

It wasn't even snowing at our house this morning, but by the time we got to town, the flakes were flying all over the place.

This, of course did not inhibit our painting venture. Anna Jaymes had painted at Nana's the other day, and she was ready to paint again! And, who am I to argue with this?

This was our first time at this paint-your-own-pottery place, and I'm so glad I finally stopped in! I found out about "couples night" and already got Matt to say he'd go. {Couples get 20% off! I'll just help him a bit with his. :) And, I must say, I didn't even have to ask him twice.}

She can hardly wait, and I'm sure is annoyed at me for slowing us down with the camera....

Smiley face finally!

She was really ready to get inside....

We got inside and picked out some tiles and paints. I committed beforehand that I would let her do it and to know that it was going to be messy.....and that in turn would make it beautiful. :)

So, she started with pouring the paints in.....

So much for using a different brush for each color.....

{I always love a pretty paint tray}

We chose to do two tiles and she actually wanted me to help! So, after she dipped my brush in every paint color and painted a little on my tile, she wanted me to paint on it too. After we got about 12 layers of paint :), the nice lady came over and helped Anna Jaymes make hand prints.

She was very into this lady painting hands....

Ta da!!

After I was dreading telling her we were almost done already, the lady told her she could paint on the table! Whew. So, she painted for a while longer and I had to cap off the paint before we had to pay for all the paint we were using too!

She also left some hand prints on the table. I thought it was cute how she pressed her hand down like the lady had done it....

So, we left our paint tray as empty as possible and actually made our way out the door without kicking and screaming. Oh, and even though she really wanted to take her own purse with money, she didn't want to pay with Anna's money, she wanted to pay with Mommy's money. Is she old enough to already realize that??

You know, this very well could be the next painter in the family. I started thinking about it and we actually have several artists/painters.....my dad's mom {who helped me paint my first landscape}, Matt's mom, Matt's sister, my brother, myself, and who knows who else. So, it's in the genes. :)


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  1. I bet the Greater Starkville Development Partnership (or Roberson Law Firm) would buy that picture of the snow flying downtown! Looks so quaint and pretty!