Outside finally!

The past two days were actually nice out, and we were able to get the girls outside finally!

{Adolyn loving the swing}

{this came out a little blurry, but I could just squeeze that little face!}

{Daddy and Anna Jaymes fishing....using her little
fishing pole from Christmas for the first time}

{running ahead to see the horsies}

{needing a break}

{a few of the horses}

{she must have wanted a close-up.....with Anna Jaymes in one arm and the camera
in the other, I couldn't move much, so this is what I got!}

I was also able to do a LITTLE bit in the laundry room. I found some buckets we've had for a while, and I decided to put them to use again. I was going to paint them, but then realized I could get the existing paint off pretty easily....with a lot of elbow grease and some steel wool.

I got some hooks and am going to hang the buckets on the wall going up beside the door. Just making do with what we have! Hopefully, I can hang them soon and take a pic!

I also stained the 2 little shelves on the wall. They came out different from the table. I don't think they absorbed the stain as fast and so I was able to wipe the excess off pretty quickly. It was dark when they were done, so no pics of them yet!

Finally, I have a little project to do for a friend from church.....so I've got lots more to do and more pics to share!




  1. Love looking at your blog! Miss you guys!

  2. What adorable pictures. That Adolyn always looks so contented! I love the pic of AJ and Matt fishing.I love your blog and being able to peek into ya'lls life. Love and miss ya'll.