A sweet night

{This post includes random old pics I came across tonight....
so you can have a little eye candy with all my words.}

I had a really good day with my girls today. My house is chaos. Laundry has piled up. I DID cook supper....but I did NOT do the dishes......

I enjooooyyyyed my girls.

Everything else got thrown out the window tonight when Matt was leaving after dinner and Anna Jaymes was crying for Daddy.....rather, wailing for Daddy. So, I knew dishes could be done later. In the middle of her wailing for "Daaaaddddyyyyyy," I asked if she wanted to play a game. "uh huh!"

Funny, how her moods can switch gears......I have NO idea where she gets that from.

So, we played, and then she helped me give Adolyn a bath. I could not stop laughing at Adolyn. I can't even explain it without going into many many details, so I won't try. The point is, is that it was so enjoyable. I just sat and let them play for forever, and I just had fun watching and laughing....not thinking about anything else.

Next, I got them ready for bed and while we were being so quiet getting in bed, Bailey starts barking his head off and at the same time, the t.v. goes to white noise.......freeeeakyyy. So, Anna Jaymes to the rescue....she's not scared, but I was a little nervous at the coincidence. Turns out we got a delivery at 9:00 at night, luckily he left it on the back steps. Who delivers at 9 PM???

Anyway, we started back to bed again....Anna Jaymes gets in, then I start rocking Adolyn.....again. I have never seen a baby fighting sleep so bad. I was trying not to laugh so I wouldn't get her wound up. It was so sweet to just look at her face since she was just STARING at me like she had never seen me before. After long blank stares, she offered me a smile that brought tears to my eyes. Finally, after many attempts to fight it, she fell asleep on my chest. I laid her in the crib......and up she came again...pulling up the side of the crib. She couldn't even hold her head up she was so tired, and she just kept hitting it on the side.

So, I walk over to check on Anna Jaymes....and it seems that she is asleep. But, then she opens her eyes and says "rock me Mommy." Of course I'll rock my toddler who never wants me to rock her.

I just felt like sharing this tonight for some reason. I think God is really answering my prayers about priorities. I have been better at trying to put my priorities in order (even though it may not seem like it when you see the chaos in my house).

The funny thing is, is that it's easier to put the ACTUAL priorities in order, than it is to put my THOUGHTS of priorities in order. So, even though I may be doing something more important first, my thoughts and focus are sometimes all out of whack. I may be spending the least amount of time painting because that needs to be a last priority, but I may be thinking about it too much to where it's distracting my thoughts and heart from other priorities.

This may be quite simple for you, but The Practice of the Presence of God has really been indirectly opening my eyes to this (and also Me, Myself and Lies - the Phase 2 girls bible study). As I'm challenged to focus more on Him living in and through me in every moment, I'm seeing where my thoughts and meditations actually are a lot. So, tonight was just a good reminder of this and how I want to enjoy my moments with my little girls. They are my priority. Not only do I want my actions to show it, I want my heart and mind to show it, too.

I hope this can encourage you somehow......God bless!


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  1. Dear Crystal,
    I loved this post! Just taking the time to enjoy these precious little ones, laughing and enjoying it. So often in motherhood with all the things that we HAVE to do (we can forget about most of the things we just "want" to do for a while)there seems to be little days like the one you described and isn't that sad. It may not seem like it now, but these precious days of them being little really does disapper before you know it. I wish for you many more days like this one. They are the ones that you will look back and treasure. Everyday take time to treasure in your heart one special thing about the day with them, and like Mary you will ponder on it for many years.
    Love to all,