.A Few Pictures.....

There she is!  That sweet little pretty percolator.  She treats us good every morning now, 
and is much better on my counter taking up less room than the old big coffee pot!

I had been wanting a percolator, and Saturday morning at a baby shower, the hostess had 
one that was for the stove-top. I didn't know they made them like that.  

Then, on my way home, I passed an ever-so-tempting garage sale.....but, I was already late getting back home to Matt so he could leave and go to the church work day.  


I was just going to do a drive-by, but there was too much to see in a drive-by.  Go figure.

But, what was another 5 minutes??

I was fast and left happily with my $2 percolator, which I couldn't believe I found......
one that was actually for the stove top {it plugs in, too}, 
and one that was actually pretty and white.....
better than I imagined!

I thanked God for my little find and said I was sorry that I was making Matt late for the 
church and was on my way home fast.

I'm not sure why I took this picture, but I was originally not wanting our bed to be 
right under the window.  Yet, now........it has actually gotten to be one of my favorite things.  
Sunday I took a nap there with the light shining in on me and loved it.  

Plus, at night, I just look up and see the moonlit sky {which looks really cool with all 
those bare branches against it in the winter} and all the stars.

Of course, on that mile long project list of mine, I have a ton of cheese cloth (50 cents/yd!) 
waiting on me to drape down the sides.  pretty, pretty!

Maybe the bedroom will be the next project room? We'll see.  However, I'd want some built ins, 
and I'm not thinking that's in the budget right now.

{Speaking of projects, the laundry room is basically done.....now I just need to 
straighten it up and take some pics!  hey, hey!}

See.....I told you she's become the snuggler......here she is cuddling on my arm 
when I was doing something at her closet.

I know you're thinking you could just eat her up, too.

So.......we don't really fix our hair when we go out to play around the house here. 
This is what Anna Jaymes basically looks like all the time.  

She's starting to look so old, too!

We don't fully get dressed either sometimes as you can see below.........

so please call before you come. :)

Adolyn's starting to crawl around the yard these days.  

Don't the flower weeds make for a cute pic?

And, there she goes.....off to the mud hole.  Don't worry, I saved her in time.

However, I didn't save this one in time the other day, and boy was she upset.

{see Adolyn peeking in the background}

Miss "I can handle anything" did NOT like being covered in mud.  It stunk pretty good, too.

{In case you're wondering, I didn't wake up with a black eye this morning.....
just a forehead that looks like I slid across the carpet and a couple of tiny cuts......
and my sweet hubby took the bike rack off the car.}



  1. Thank you sooooo much for the pics! I miss the girls so much and I cannot wait to see you this weekend!

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how much your posts brighten my day!! Your girls are so precious!!