Off to a good start.....

So, I thought last week was rough......girls not taking good naps, Adolyn starting to teethe again, something taking 5 hours to do that should normally only take 10 minutes, I can't even remember the rest.....so it must not have been that bad.

Still, today started off just as great!  Adolyn up bright and early in full force teething.....poor pitiful baby.......poor mommy, too.  However, the rocking and snuggling is really nice.  She has become quite the little snuggler.  She crawls up to me, stands up, grabs my leg and hugs it while sucking her thumb.

Ooooo, I could just squish her!!

So, short story......after a bit of an "up and down" day at the house, I was ready for my outing to run my errands ALONE this afternoon.  My last stop was Wal Mart.  I was all done and packing my groceries in the car, pushing the buggy sideways with my left hand to the employee who was about to take it and slamming.....yes, slamming.....the back hood down.

Let's just say that I forgot the bike rack was on the back......until it came
flying down in full force on my head and down my face.

I'm sorry, did someone just hit me in the face with a 2x4?!!!

 Maybe I should just leave it at that and let you imagine the rest.

Oh, but luckily, due to my crazy day earlier, I had not showered or fixed my hair and
I was wearing a hat.

Now, I just started to say I think it really protected my face from something worse.......however, now that I think of it, maybe that's why I didn't see the rack in the first place!

Anyway, I pretty much diagnosed myself to having a concussion.  I was hoping that I could come home and have an excuse to relax or lie down......but that didn't happen.

So, now I'm ready to pass out.


Even amidst the craziness of life in the past week or so, there have been so many fun things I have wanted to post about, but couldn't find the time.

~Spiritually, God is SO faithful and I'm excited for all the things He is teaching me.
I'd love to share some soon.

~My five minutes of garage selling last Saturday left me with just the find I was hoping for, but even better than I imagined!  A pretty little $2 ceramic percolator!

~I have a new exercise regimen and therapy session..........gardening.

Now, hopefully I won't wake up with a black eye and forehead tomorrow and a sore
gardening back.  If I do, I'll post a pic. :)


Even as I talk about my day and week, I can not complain.

I have life........my family.......a home......a warm bed.

These are a couple of pictures one of our Phase 2 guys took in Haiti over Spring Break.....
beautiful, but poverty-stricken, now more than ever, of course.

{This is only a seriously small portion of the tents}

I wish I had more of the pictures, but basically you just multiply these tents over and over
and throw in a bunch of concrete rubble.

It puts my day into a whole new perspective.



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