Practicing His Presence....beauty for ashes

So, a while back I said I would explain more on the book I was reading....
"Practicing the Presence of God."  

What was that....2 months ago???

There's been several times I've wanted to write about it but didn't have the time.  I haven't actually picked it up in a few weeks, but I'm ready to again.  You really 
could finish it in less than a day if you wanted.

Maybe it was just perfect timing for me, my heart was ready and I really needed it when I started reading.  I just can't explain how much this book has affected my life.

Yes, it changed my perspective from

 ~ putting God in a box by only depending on quiet times ~

and has challenged me

 ~in addition to quiet times~

To LIVE in my relationship with Him throughout my day
and not just "pray to" Him at different times in the day
when I needed Him or randomly thought to pray.

To live IN His presence.

To let Him be my life.

To truly walk in His Spirit.

{and this is SOOO hard.....I fail constantly to focus on Him}.

But, more than that, it has taught me about GRACE.  Believing God's grace, Thanking God for His grace, Praising God for His grace, Asking God for His grace.  In every moment, resting in His grace whether it be through His love, His patience, His strength, His endurance.....
Believing He is there for me in His grace.  

If we'd be aware of His grace, we'd focus on Him all day long.

All of this is much needed to a girl who seems to keep thinking in the back of her mind that 
she has to do something to earn God's pleasure and grace.  There is power in a changed perspective, but this will not all change overnight.  Yet, it IS slowly changing me.

I'm embracing His love and grace for me more and more, and it's as if
He's my new best friend who's constantly there with me....

the Heavenly Father I'm embracing for the first time, even though He's always been there.
{What have I been doing all these past years as a Christian!?  
Good grief, obviously not truly Living WITH Him}

And, grace is leading to Freedom.  I'm seeing more and more all the freedom I have in Him.  
Freedom from the bondage of sin, Freedom to live, Freedom to move on, 
Freedom to overcome, Freedom to make choices.

My heart is changing to where I no longer feel the NEED to love Him in everything I do.

I DESIRE to love Him in everything I do now
{not perfectly, of course....just learning what it looks like :)}.

I don't NEED to love Him because He loves me regardless.  But, I DESIRE to love Him because He is 
SO good to me and it's the least I can do and the most He wants me to do.

Now, if I can just depend on His grace to always embrace this Truth.


This is all so fresh to me right now because I am trying to make several decisions in my life at this point and the more I pray, the more He just keeps reminding me of His grace.  I know He is sovereign and 
He has a plan for me......how in the world does that fit in with grace and freedom?!  

I don't know, but I do know that because of this new grace I'm embracing, 
it's so humbling to where I just WANT to love Him in each decision I make......
even though my flesh continues to fail and deceive me.  

I've wanted my life to glorify Him for a long time, but this is different.

This is deeper.

 God is not satisfied with my unclean, "ulterior motive" heart and 
He is getting down into the deep dark corners........which is yuck.

~beauty for ashes~

So, there you have it....that's about as transparent as I can be right now.  
I'm just saying.......maybe you should get this book......but get the abridged version if you do. :)


Ooooh, and by the way Papaw and I dug up some nice stuff in the barn yesterday and today.
That's a post for tomorrow.  :) :)


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