Spring Break, ideas, and herbs

First, just to give Nana a baby pic to look at,
here's a little picture of Adolyn in her glorious baby fat taking a bath.....



So.........I'm freezing my tush off in this house today. It's colder in here than it is out there.

Well, I sure hope my hubby is getting some warmer weather down in FLORIDA this week.
I really wanted to go.....

until I heard about the cold showers at the camp grounds.

Ha......the truth is that I had FANTASTIC plans of my own to reorganize and get some painting done while my Super Mom is here helping watch the girls.

Sounds fun, huh?

However, if I really had the choice, I would be in FL. :)

But, I'm not........and I'm excited to make the most of my time this week.....and maybe Momma and I won't be too pooped to actually enjoy some time together.


I've already been transforming the girls' room......switching out the
seasonal clothes, reorganizing, doing some touch ups.

Well, I had a little dilemma on what to do in the closet and on the book/toy shelf.

I was about to throw away some diaper boxes earlier
{why I still had 3 in my house, I'm not sure},
but a light bulb popped on in my head instead!

{Now since Matt took my camera on his little beach trip........
I can't show you yet, but it's ok because I'm not done anyway....
maybe I can find the old camera though.}

{and yes, I threatened his life to not get sand in the camera and to
bring her back safe before I even told him to be safe himself}

Anyway, I was quite excited about my little idea....not that no one else has ever done this before......but I was originally thinking I would have to go BUY some organizing bins and I didn't want to spend any money on this. So, then I thought surely there is something sitting around here that I can get creative with. But, nothing came to mind at the moment.

I really love those moments when an idea hits you.

I was carrying the boxes out and looked down at one, and BAM it hit me! These are the perfect sizes and they even have handles in them. I can do one of several things.....

wrapping paper, scraps of wall paper or borders,

mod podge scrapbook paper,

spray adhesive fabric,

old book pages, old maps, old music sheets....ooh I might try that.

But, seriously, what better way to make use out of something I MUST BUY anyway?

And, now of course, there's another project added to my list.


I also just got some seeds to plant some herbs and some new little pots from the thrift store. Maybe my herbs will look as pretty as those in the pic.

Now, you know I live on a horse farm and there's a HUGE pile of "you know what" in the back woods that is perfect compost for a garden.....
but we're gonna save that fun stuff for the outdoor plants......not my little herbs. :)
But, I just wanted you to know what I get to do in the near future.

{pictures from Country Living}

My gardening experience is limited, so I'm doing a little research for each plant. If you're in the same boat and want some info, I found these "how-to's" at countryliving.com. You can follow that link and then see links to other herbs and fun stuff, too.


It would not seem fun to most, but my goal this Spring Break is to get the
house organized and get on top of some things.....
like all those projects I've mentioned on here.

Maybe.......just maybe....I'll get finished with that laundry room
and post some final pics for you!

We'll see!


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  1. I love the picture of Andolyn! I miss my boys being little! Tell Mrs Bev that I said hello! Enjoy your time with your momma!