Spring is here!

I have never appreciated Spring as much as I do this year.  After living in FL for 5 years, moving back to MS where there are actually seasons, and freezing my tush off all winter, 
I have never been so glad to see daffodils!!

Although I was home while Matt was in Florida for Spring Break, 
it was still a good week, I must admit.

~I got some more things done in the laundry room, took a quick trip to Jackson where I had a good time with Momma and the girls, had lunch with Mandy at Keifers, went shopping and got some great deals, 

{just walking in Anthropologie would have been enough, but I did rack up a couple of clearance items!}

You can't tell how big this is in the pic, but it's a good size ~ obviously if it's 5 lbs ~ and it's full of dog treats.  I would have just wanted the container, but to see it came with treats was all the better and more reason for me to spend the 8 BUCKS!  It was originally $68!!  Good steal!
And it matches my laundry room.

I forgot to take pictures of the drawer pulls I got, but they're for the girls' room....maybe next post.

~Spent a couple of days at my grandparents and had a great visit, made homemade biscuits with Mamaw and got her tips for perfect biscuits ~ because mine have been not so perfect,~ 
found Papaw feeding Adolyn chocolate cake under the table,
cut down blueberry bushes with Papaw,

~went digging in the barn with Papaw and found some fun stuff,

old screen door!

Burlap feed sacks!  Plus, most of them are actually from our town ~ Starkville.

Check this one out!!

That would be my maiden name ~ "Elmore!"

And, you know that's not exactly a common name floatin around, so that's pretty cool.

Papaw's old lunch box with his name still on it....
{it cleaned up pretty well after this pic}

I also got a huge galvanized foot tub, and the door from the
old butter bean huller ~ which brings back sweet childhood memories.

I also spied a few other things I'll be hauling back some day soon.

~Drove an hour home with the screen door on top of my car.....which by the way, 
I haven't seen Papaw that happy in a while like he was after tying the screen door down
and seeing his success.  I think it's so cute when "people of age" get excited because they 
see they "still got it in 'em!"  I don't think he knew he could figure out the straps and get it done,
but he did and was a happy little old man because of it. :)

~Got home and saw Matt, saw our grass cut for the first time this year, replanted the blueberry
bushes with Matt, Anna Jaymes, and even Adolyn.....it was a family affair.....even Bailey hung out
with us, but he just kept laying his duck in Adolyn's lap for her to throw to him.  
{Funny that he seriously thinks she can chunk a duck half her size},

~picked daffodils with Anna Jaymes

So, that's about it.....those are the highlights at least.  Hope your Spring Break was fabulous, too!


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  1. Now where is the pic of the screen door atop your car? That would have been a great picture!!!