Tippin' Tuesday

{oooh, the days of young, skinny, and tan}

Congratulations to my dear friend, Laura who just found out she and her hubby were chosen to adopt a newborn THIS week!!! Talk about scrambling to get ready! They have been in the adoption process for years now and didn't even know if they would be given a boy or a girl. So, last night they found out they will be getting a GIRL and that she will be born by the end of THIS week!

Praise the Lord! He has been so faithful to them during this hard process and I know He has been glorified through everything they've been through. It just makes this sweet baby girl all the more precious knowing that they have waited so long and she is in His perfect timing.

Chris and Laura are some of our Phase 2 supporters and old K-Life friends. Laura teaches school and Chris is in the ministry. She is in luck since her good pal, Crystal here has had two girls of her own! :) I'll be sending a package her way soon, needless to say. It sounds like all their friends and family are just showering them with needs and gifts already!!

Ok, so the point is.....besides sharing the wonderful announcement....I have a neat idea that I want to put together and send to her. So, I need some "Mommy Tips." This will be something that she can see every day and have to remind her of "your favorite tips"......advice you would give a new mom, something you wish you would have done differently or started earlier, practical, spiritual, fun, whatever has been important to you {we've all done this at baby showers before, I'm sure} Even if you're not a mom, but have heard something wonderful, I'd love to hear it! I want to put them all together and when I'm done, I'll share my little project with you, of course!

She had sort of started a nursery {I got this picture a while back}.....

This is her bed from when she was a baby.......precious!!

Now she gets to fill it with all things girly. And, it will be.....without doubt.....absolutely darling and totally shabby chic! I hope to share it with you some day down the road.....I can't wait to see it. Better yet, I can't wait to see this baby girl!!!!
Can you imagine finding out you're getting a baby within the week!!? Feel free to pray for their family! I'm sure they have lots to do in such short time. :)

You can visit their adoption blog here.


On a totally different note....

Another K-Life friend, Susan {with Susan Ross Photography in Dallas} just found these wonderful antique ceiling tiles at the Canton Trade Days Flea Market in TX.

Do I even have to tell you how jealous I am?! Her boyfriend cut out the middle to make them into picture frames and that's her adorable little nephew in the middle......pretty sure she took that pic, by the way.

She's giving her sister three of these frames for her three children. Oh, and they only cost $3.50 each. Now you know I'm really jealous. :)

By the way, these frames would be perfectly cute in Laura's nursery!

TIP: In case you haven't thought about this and you love to keep the natural patina of all things old.....especially when it's beautiful like this frame.....but you're afraid of the possible lead paint.....you can spray it with a protectant sealant. You could also paint a sealant on, but with real chippy paint, a spray may be better. A flat finish spray would be best on something antique or vintage to keep with the old feel. So, don't let the lead paint scare you away! You DO want to be safe around it as lead paint can taste sweet to little kiddos. You don't want anyone coming back for more of that tasty stuff!!!!

Well, that's my paintin' tip for the day.....and now I want your "mommy tips!!" Feel free to share as many as you'd like!


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