I live in a hay barn

I thought I'd share some pics of my eventful last week and what it meant to me.
I used to pass this barn on my way to town all the time.  Every day it seemed to lean a 
little more and more to the right.  Well, one day I noticed the wood had been taken off the 
front of it.  I figured it was about to see its last day soon......
and I wondered where all that wood was going!

{I wish I had a picture of the before, but no such luck.}

Even if there's not a barn in your backyard, there's plenty of old barns around 
that I'm sure are filled with treasures and wood that are up for grabs....you just gotta ask!

  So, I was planning on stopping and asking about it, and one day I saw a man out there working.

We introduced ourselves and I told him where I lived down the road........in which he replied.......

Oh!!  My dad and I used to keep hay in that house! 
 It was empty in there.........with no walls back then.

Well, isn't that nice.

Actually, he and I went on to talk for almost an hour.......and I'm sure he thought he was boring me, 
but I was so excited to be hearing all the history he was telling me about our area.  

I was quite the giddy gal. 

He didn't actually own the barn, but he was helping tear it down and 
then he was going to move the old grocery store to his land down the road.......
see the "Reed Grocery" building below......it sat next to the barn.

He was more than happy for me to get whatever I wanted.

On my second visit, when they were tearing it down, 
they let me get a few things out of the rubble and had even set some floor wood aside for me.  
See, you never know without asking!

This was the barn.  All that wood is about to be burned up!!  I wish I could have gotten more than I did, but our week was just too crazy and I haven't had the time to go dig in.

{I didn't meet the man in the pic below, but he was helping clear out the tin}

"Reed Grocery"

{pretty neat on the inside}

Mrs. Reed died a few years back and I think her children are
selling off some of the land.  I hear she kept the store going for a long time on her own
and that she was a hard working independent lady.

Anna Jaymes made friends with the man's grand daughters.....
she was a little hesitant at first.

Finally going to play...in cowgirl boots and white patent shoes.....

I loved getting to know the neighbors a little more and learning about our area's history!

Plus, the neat thing was that I first stopped to talk to this man on my busiest day of the week.  
Seriously, I was running from one thing to the next that day.  

But, I saw the opportunity to stop and talk to him, and I seized it.  
It was so refreshing to take the time and I was so blessed by our visit....and not just because I was
getting some awesome finds!  It blessed me to make a new friend and to learn a lot.  Like I've said before, it's amazing what we do when we're really motivated by something.

The last few months I've sort of stepped out a few more steps and overcome some fears 
because I was REALLY motivated by the goal.....walking through spider webs, 
putting my hands in dark places, scurrying through flying wasps and bees, 
stopping to talk to a stranger to ask for something to name a few.

This has opened my eyes a bit.

Nothing I did was wrong, but it was a desire for something I wanted 
for myself that motivated me.

And, I just have to stop and ask myself....

Do I have the same motivation for my relationship with Christ?

Do I allow my desire for Him to be pleased and 
glorified to rule over my fears or my own desires.......not quite enough.

Even though sometimes I have to make the decision to actively love God even when 
I don't "desire" it or feel like it, I would still love to desire Him so much that 
it motivates me {with His Strength, of course} to do REMARKABLE things.


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