.Little Spring Blossoms.....

Alright!  Here's some pics of the girls we took last week.

Here's the story......someone came out to our house to take some family pictures for us, but the 
girls were not very cooperative.  I'll show you those TWO pictures when I get them.

  However, after she left, 
Anna Jaymes put on her boots, got her dirty old tractor out, and was ALL smiles!

We just let the girls play and got some fun pics in the process.  

Since Anna Jaymes is a little stinker at not smiling in front of the camera, 
Daddy had to work hard for the smiles.  

Seriously, in ALL of these pictures 
{except the one of Adolyn sitting with a tear in her eye}
the girls are watching Matt running and jumping OVER me.  

Adolyn got a turn on the tractor......

Anna Jaymes now has to see how high she can jump.

Unfortunately, Anna Jaymes could not jump quite as high as she thought she could.....

She took out Adolyn when she tried jumping over her.  

I was actually a concerned mommy and made sure Adolyn was ok instead of snapping pics.
{which is not always the case}

Still, Matt's first words were "did you get that on camera??!!"

I wish I did........it was a good laugh after we saw little sister was OK.

This is Adolyn post-drama and calm again 
with a tiny tear in her eye, which you probably can't even see.

This is the closest I could get them, and of course Anna Jaymes would have the sweetest pose now.

But, Adolyn just looks clueless.....

You see this is her favorite toy by now, I'm sure.

Maybe this picture will tell you why I pray for Adolyn's safety quite a bit......

And, yes, family, just ask and I'll email you any or all of these pics without the watermark.

That's it for now!  I've got some pretty update pics of my friend, Laura's nursery 
and vacation pics that I'll share soon.

God bless you!


  1. Crystal, these are wonderful and i love them! SO good. :)

  2. Crystal, thank you for posting pictures of my beautiful nieces, so I can watch them as they grow!! You and Matt are doing such a great job with them. I love all your other posts also, I check every few days to see if you have added a new one!! Love you, Sandra (Bobo)

  3. These are so good. Why in the world would you even think of hiring a photographer. These are the greatest shots and yes I would like a copy of all of them so do email them to me.Hope to see ya'll one day next week.

  4. Thanks y'all!!

    See how there's not a picture with the WHOLE family??? That's why I'd want someone else to take pics! Plus, it was a free!! :)