Spring changes...

So......I was in the mood for a little change, obviously. 

I'm telling ya, being back in the seasonal changes again in MS has gotten me in the 
Spring Cleaning mode and it's coming out even in the blog.

I updated the "About" and added a few bits of info here and there....

and obviously the top.....I would say it's been updated, but those are actually both old pictures 
of the girls....but I do love them, so they are there for now....in case you were wondering.  
Hopefully, we'll get some others soon.

~Oh, and did you see the BEAUTIFUL pictures of the girls in their matching Easter dresses???
{thank you, Jennifer!}

Of course you didn't!

Because we left our camera at Matt's parents on Easter morning!!

Not a good time for p.m.s to kick in when I realized it. hee hee

So, we'll have a reenactment of the Easter dresses and hopefully get some pics next week.


  It's only been a few months since I started this blog, and God has already been evolving my 
vision for painting and my focus for now....less focus on selling, more focus on some other 
opportunities, {hopefully more details soon....I'd like to know them all myself!}  

Not that I was even preparing for a sale yet. :)  I guess not much is
really changing on here...... just still talking about life with the family and 
my endless list of projects. blah blah blah

So, once again, I'm just leaning on Him and seeing where He leads me, 
but meanwhile I'm liking the changes.

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