Windows and Bike Rides

First off, we have our sweet little nephew, Maeson.  Seriously, how cute can someone crying be!!???  Now, don't be misled, he is a very sweet and good little boy!!!  His parents are in trouble if he
finds out just how cute he is!!

I know those were random, but I took them over Easter and forgot to show them to the fam....so I thought y'all might be interested.



This was the side of our cabin in Virginia and our lake view.  It was very serene.  We were supposed to have  another cabin away from the lake, but while checking in, Matt just nonchalantly asked if there were any available lakeside and they just switched us over!

Ok........so, we managed to go on a few bike rides.  I think I forgot how to ride a bike though.  The first ride was not so pleasant for myself.  Around, ooooh the first mile and the second hill, I was about to pass out.  I obviously forgot how to set my speeds so that I didn't kill myself.  
Plus, it was cold and my lungs were burning from the cool air.  
I seriously thought I was going to vomit, but the childbirth breathing techniques did help a little. :)

While I was being reminded of how old I felt and how out of shape I was, Matt was riding circles around me......literally.  He was all over the place speeding up the little side hills trying to catch some air and pop some wheelies.   He'd be way behind me and then fly past me trying to win.......as if he had to put forth that much effort.  It did make me feel a little younger though, 
laughing at his little thrills on his "speedster" and knowing that at least my hubby was young at heart!

Our last ride was on the golf course.  Let's just say I'm glad I saw him in front of me flying over this little hill and catching the several feet of air he caught. {I think it even caught him a little off guard} If I hadn't, I'd probably have some broken limbs right now.  
I was not feeling "oh so confident" on my bike like he was and would 
NOT have been ready for that flight!

Of course, we had to go back and take like seven tries at him coming over this hill again, but he didn't get as high as he did the first time, and I couldn't get a great pic......but you get the idea.....

I don't think this even does it justice....

You know this junk store caught my eye at first glance!  Although it was smoky inside and a little scary, I did manage a great find!

I paid a whole ONE dollar for this HUGE single pane window!  I could barely get it into the car by myself.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it just yet.  I think I want to 
make some kind of vintage scripture thing instead of using it as a picture frame.  
It will definitely be something that stands out since it's so big, 
and what's better than a big piece of inspiring Truth on the walls??

This is a better pic.....I can't believe the glass isn't broken.

This is a cabinet door I found at another place.  
Once it's cleaned up, painted and you can actually see through the glass, it'll be an awesome picture frame!



This was after last Saturday's horrid day of tornadoes in MS.  

Isn't that amazing that it's totally upside down?

You can see the whole path it took across our road {not in the pic} and this is only a few miles down from us.  It's nothing compared to Yazoo City, but it's scary to see that they are common around our area.  They always seem to hit around the same spots.

Matt's friend, Chance sat in their shelter {and you can see out of it} through the huge tornado and said it was "awe inspiring."  It came right over them and they could see everything. 
I just can't imagine seeing something so powerful.  

It definitely gives me a teeny tiny picture of God's greatness and His mighty power.
If some winds can take a huge tree, uproot it, and flip it over like a toothpick......I really 
can't begin to imagine what all my God can do.  

It makes me think that this is like "the rocks crying out."  

His creation is glorifying Him, even in the destruction of it.


We had a little work project day at our house yesterday and I fixed the screen on the screen door from my Papaw's and painted it, so it's almost ready to go up!  It was actually pretty easy to fix.  I'll post some pics and explain more next time.

1 more day until we leave on our 2 week mission trip, so maybe I should go finish packing.




  1. Hello sweet Crystal - thank you for sharing those amazing photos! And I love that window you scored. I rescued a bunch from my friend's home a while back. One of them is a big one like yours. I turned it into an inspiration board. I kept the glass in it. I have other windows though but don't know what in the world to do with them! Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


  2. Thanks Marie! Nice to "meet" you! :) That's a great idea for an inspirational board! Hopefully soon I'll have some finished pics!

  3. ok, so the whole biking story made me think about when we used to ditch afternoon class and go bike riding in college! me, you , nathan, and abe!!! remember that????