Bahamas and things to think about, part 1

Where do I even begin??

I have so much to post about....

the Bahamas

our 6th Anniversary

new projects


my new favorite necklace by Lisa Leonard
{who did a little bartering with me!}

I'll just start with a little bit about the Bahamas and what I've been thinking....


{I did NOT edit the color of the water. :) }

Selfishly, I was looking forward to our trip to Eleuthera for what I knew I would learn there.  
Yes, I was excited to go and serve {and of course to see the beautiful beaches},
but I didn't really know how much I 
would actually get to be involved while having the girls there, too.  Even with my
own momma there, it sometimes took 2 moms and 13 college students to look after
2 little munchkins in the Bahamas. 


God had really been preparing my heart before this trip.

Over the past year or so, the Holy Spirit has been working to change my
heart toward this material world. 

And, I wouldn't exactly classify myself as "materialistic" in the first place.  That's the funny part...
but I guess I was a little more than God wanted me to be.  I guess I tend to compare myself
to the world's standards instead of Jesus Himself.

I like being crafty and decorating and stuff, but I've never been out there trying to
"keep up with the Jones" {or Kardashians, these days} or wanting to have it all or
have my house in perfect style.  I just enjoy it....but not that my house is in perfect style
by any means. :)  I don't want to make my home pretty to impress someone else {although
it's tempting at times}. I want to do it for myself....because I enjoy it and I want to
surround myself with things that are useful {while pretty} and meaningful to me and my family.
Yes, it's nice when people enjoy it as well, but it can't be my motive or my focus.

With that in mind, I think He has been helping me look at my time and resources and even the
focus of my mind and heart, and really question where my heart is at times.  It's so easy to be
distracted and entangled by things in this world and not even realize it....especially when it's at a
seemingly small amount {because you may not look like those who struggle excessively....but
that's the beauty, Christ looks at the heart}.  And, not necessarily entangled by "sin,"
just entangled with things we waste our time with or things we place too much importance on,
things we confuse as "needs" when they are really only "wants" for example.

{Can I just cut in here and say that it's a little tougher than I thought to
actually type these words out!  It makes it a lot more real!}


what does this have to do with the Bahamas?

I was actually a little concerned that I would go to Eleuthera {a poorer island}, see the people
and their homes there {or the way too many put-on-hold-half-built homes like below}, come
back and never want to "decorate" again because I would see the reality of the materialistic
trap our culture had fallen in.  And, in some sense it did.

It just sort of spurred on my liking of simple, practical, and meaningful.  It makes me not
want to waste time with things that don't mean anything to me.  And to not put in too
much time in this hobby of mine in the first place.

Now, of course, I brought back loads of shells and some might think that is meaningless.
But, to me seeing the shells is a reminder of
where I have been and what God taught me there.  It's also a reminder of the wonder
of His creation.  Then again, I also just wanted a huge conch shell just because they are pretty!
So, hmmmm.......at least they were free.


I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to say.  I guess I've just been thinking.....

Wondering if my time is glorifying God, is my home glorifying Him, is my heart glorifying Him,
are my desires glorifying Him?

Am I being a good steward of the resources He has given me?

Or do things in my life place too much importance on things in this world?
Or does my life at least misrepresent that to others, even when I don't mean to?

I know they have their own temptations and struggles, but seeing what some of the Bahamians
lived without, how they were innovative, what they were content with....it all made me
think more about how well provided for we are and how we have everything
at our pretty little painted fingertips....and complain when we don't.

I saw that their faith seemed greater than ours.

I think it's because they have to depend on God for more and we are just so well off on our
own with all our little conveniences, it seems that we assume we don't need Him in our
culture as much.

{And that's the irony, our culture is so pitiful that we need Him so much!}

I was just amazed at the things I got used to while I was there, the times I had to depend
on the Lord - not myself, and started seeing the things I could really do without and
therefore make better use out of our money and resources.

So, I guess that's part one of how Eleuthera left me after two weeks.

I don't want to bore you with too many words, so more to come soon!

Plus, I got out the tools and paint for a fun project Friday......after FINALLY
taking pictures of the laundry room!!  Woo hoo!!  So, as I can, I'll post pics!


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