Laundry Room Finale....sort of

Finally, I was able to do some little final touches and get the room straight enough to take pictures!!

Like I have to even declare this, but this was NOT an attempt for a perfectly designed laundry room, although that would be nice.

However, it IS a picture of how I went from clutter to clean and organized. 
{while a little bit prettier, if I do say so myself}

with basically a ton of stuff that I ALREADY had, which is nice on the wallet!  I think I
really only bought a few supplies for building stuff and then a couple of things like the Dr. Pepper tray.

In the beginning, I had things in mind that I hoped to find great deals on to help organize, 
{like baskets or crates across the long top shelf}
but that didn't really happen much and so I was forced to keep going back to the barn 
to see what I could find!  I'm really glad I did though because I usually ended up finding 
something workable that I had not originally thought of.

So, while these are the "finale" pictures, I'm sure I will keep at it some.

For instance, whenever I get my cheese cloth out to sew curtains for the bedroom, 
I'd like to add some in here.  
I still need to sew the sewing machine cover {which is just draped over it now-left over canvas}.
Plus, I just keep thinking how I would love that work table to be old chippy white paint!! 
So, one day I may just give in to the urge to paint it, or I may just accidentally drop another gallon of paint on it, and I'll have no choice!

Feel free to take a reminder look at the "Before" since it has been several months and
I'm sure you don't remember what a mess it was.  You can see those pictures in this post.

So, here you go!

{But, sorry the lighting is sort of bad in some of the pics}

{a real live hot dog}

Bailey loves his new bed, even though he's fighting to get inside every day during the summer.
I don't think I ever wrote about making his bed.  I'll have to dig up the pictures.
The bed cover is just a cheap canvas paint drop cloth.  It is soft enough, yet durable for his big muddy paws.....washes easily. It's basically just sewn like a pillow case because I
didn't have a zipper on hand at the time.
I'll find pictures of the inside which is some left over egg crate (bed topping) and stuffing.

New flooring and a welcoming entry {even though it's filled with shoes}....
needs a welcome sign or something though!

Here are the hanging buckets I had left over from a K-Life event.  So, I scratched as much 
of the K-Life paint off as I could on the front, and then painted on chalk board paint for the labels 
since I really wanted to keep the silver patina - even though they are rusted in places.

Below the buckets is my favorite little barrel....perfect for sitting for a quick change of shoes and has plenty of storage inside!  It was a cheap find from a garage sale a few years ago.  The wash tub next to it came from Papaw's and is intended for wet boots or umbrellas, but usually has Matt's work boots in it.

I added another shelf and made a hanging shelf for hats, etc from the barn wood.

I had a couple of different sets of brackets, but I just painted them to match.  That's my Papaw's old lunch box {"Walker"} and it's storing some craft items.  
Bailey's still eating out of that huge treats box! The brown jar holds bleach.

Some thrift store pots that I still haven't planted in!  Uuuuggh!  I got frustrated when Anna Jaymes and I finally got some things planted and she ended up emptying all of the pots out!  So, I obviously need to get started again.  The white pan is my Papaw's old oil pan just spray painted.  It's the collection bowl of things that get thrown on the table and need to get put away....at some point.
Notice how the cutting board matches the barrel lid? Coincidence.
I think the board came from Papaw's....can't remember.

Here's our shoe shelf thrown together out of old wood.  Anna Jaymes actually helped me
paint it.  She painted lots of grass that day, too.

Didn't have to distress it any.....it was already in good "old" condition.  We just 
painted it and let the old shine through.

This is the coat corner that the freezer hides so nicely.  Those are also some newer coke trays that were in the laundry room when we moved in, so I put them to use next to my old ones.  I'd like to add to my old collection as I can for the top shelf and maybe use the newer ones for some other storage.

Nice place for the cleaning supplies...

A Dr. Pepper tray that I couldn't help but add to the coke collection.....it was a good steal.  I got these old glass jars from the sheds at my grandparents.  It looks nice when it's actually filled with detergent!  It opens up cabinet space for the not-so-pretty cleaners and the rest of the junk I need to hide.  Plus, I heard that it's not good to pile stuff on top of dryers - makes them work harder and hotter, I guess?  This little tray keeps me from throwing stuff on top.

This feedsack was from Papaw's barn.  It covers Bailey's large bag of dog food. It cleaned up nice, huh?

Ok, remember the square shelves and the baby jars?  Since the shelves didn't exactly fit my vintage taste, I turned them sideways and glued up a bulletin board on the outer side.  I covered it with some leftover canvas drop cloth and painted on it with fabric paint for a little punch of color.

Here's the painted baby jars.
{the shelves came from Dirt Cheap but didn't have jars in them, 
so we saved our baby jars and I spray painted the lids}

An old coffee can and glass jars hold brushes and craft pencils and pens.

A new home for spray and fabric paints on the top shelf....and maybe one day I'll have something more to do with those coke bottles {from Papaw's}.
Should this be Papaw's room??

Bin of work clothes...

and I had the brush ready to paint this chair, but changed my mind, so I 
just cleaned it up a bit.  I do like the green and yellow.

I forgot to get a picture of my favorite mega hook from Anthropologie I found on 
mega-clearance a while back!!  Some of the coats were hanging on it. 


And, now Matt came in today with some particle board cubby shelves that he 
supposedly HAS to use by our beds, which means OUT with the Simply Shabby Chic nightstand and in with the cubbies!  I thought they were going in the closet and his office!!!

He seemed to put his foot down, and it didn't seem to matter
that I said I was the one in charge of any furniture changes.  He then tells me I can just do 
my stuff to them and make them fit in......in what free time, I wonder??
He explains that they are exactly what he needs, although they are exactly what I don't want!
{not that there's anything wrong with particle board}

In other words, I think the bedroom is the next room on the agenda.  I may just have to put my own foot down and ask for him to watch the girls while I work on the bedroom this summer.....after I have my quality time with them first, of course.  :)


  1. I love it all! I think I need to hire you to come do my whole house! :) What is the blue color that you painted the walls- or were they already that color? I'm looking for a nice calm blue color to paint our master bedroom... you know how much I love blue and I seem to gravitate towards blue for every room in the house... I think I need an intervention! And this is Jennifer, you know, I forgot to sign Nathan out!!

  2. Thanks! No, we didn't paint the walls, that's why they still look dirty. :) I like that color, too....but I'm not sure what it is! It would be good for a bedroom though!
    I, too was just thinking about how everything in my house is somewhere in the aqua/turquoise family, and I hope I don't get tired of it any time soon! But, it's mainly just some furniture pieces or accents, and it's been my fave for so long! So, at least since you've loved blue so long, you probably won't get tired of it.
    I have several paint sample cards I'll look through and see if any are similar to the walls. It looks different in each picture! I did wonder what Nathan was reading my blog!!