Bedroom Makeover has Begun!

Before I get on the road, I'm sharing some pictures of my latest 
painting project and the bedroom redo from a couple weeks ago....
but first, I have to give you the intro....

Remember how Matt decided to take the furniture into his own hands??

Well, he got me started rearranging our room now, and we surprisingly already got a good bit done!

I gave into his cubby hole demand and had to put one on my own side of the bed 
so it wouldn't be lopsided! 

Now, again, nothing is wrong with cubby holes, but I just want my bedroom to 
be {or seem} calm, cool, and collected.

It stresses me out seeing all of our stuff out everywhere....especially in a little room.....so some curtains will surely be going up on the cubbies!  However, I was set back a little when I went to the fabric store to see how much linen was and it was 20 bucks a yard!!!  Now, of course, I wasn't going to get it from there....you can find it cheaper online, but still!  You can tell I don't have much sewing experience.
So, these projects should be fun.

Anyway, this is my inspiration for the curtains I will sew to cover our junk.
I just want a ruffle close to the bottom, but I don't want the fabric that sheer....
remember, no seeing the junk.

{photo via www.countryliving.com}

and, this is the bedskirt inspiration to cover the laundry baskets under our bed....
sorry, no pic of the bed

{we built a bed that would store baskets underneath and we were supposed to add little door fronts 
as covers.....but once we stopped that project, we never started again. 
So, now I'm on to sewing a bedskirt instead}

I am also sewing some maybe-a-little-too-girly-for-Matt window curtains with the 
cheesecloth I bought a while back.  Can't wait to see how that turns out!

Ok, so finally here is the before of my little freebie project....

 after being thrown in the burn pile and sitting out to rot....

Matt grabbed it for me knowing I would want it.....such a good hubby.

Now, I usually enlist Matt as my helper with the sharp blades, but this was the first project
that I did totally by myself.  I ripped up the bottom wood {actually particle board - where you see it coming apart} and found another piece of wood in the barn {surprise} to replace it.  It was a little smaller, so I dismantled the whole bottom and cut it down to size, and voila!

fixing the new wood....

{ahhh, sorry no pics with me using the sharp power tools!  That would not be safe, huh?!}

with the new bottom....

after one coat of paint.....

I wanted to keep the old chippy paint look, so I cleaned it up really well, and only painted over where the white paint was.  Then I sanded around the edges where it accidentally got on the wood with 60 grit sandpaper.  So, it looks like it did all that chipping BEFORE the coat of turquoise paint.

After I painted it, I also used 220 grit sandpaper to sand down the whole area of paint so that
you could see the white coming through.

and here is the after....

I loved how the top was SOO chippy!!

Ok, back to the bedroom rearrangements.....

that project led to yet another project!

I was originally going to mount this shelf on some old large brackets in the kitchen 
{after painting the walls white}, 
but since the arrival of the cubbies and a few different ideas about our bedroom, 
I decided to take out the large shelves that actually go with the armoire in the living room......

{forgot to take a pic before I took stuff down}

and replace them with a much more practical desk......

....a desk we made from inspiration after Pottery Barn's "create your own" desks.

The guy we bought the cubbies from randomly gave us these nice planks of wood that he had used with them.  So, I decided to cut them to size and place on top of our recent nightstands
to make a desk!!  I even cut the corners to match the little nightstands. 
I just left them their original length and cut some off the back, painted them white, and put a clear protectant coat on top.

Who's the thrifty decor chick now??!!

Maybe not.....but, I was proud to put all that stuff to better use than what the 
huge shelves were doing for us.

So now, I have to rearrange everything that was on the walls {which of course I'm repainting half of} and do my sewing and maybe then it will be done!!


and let me leave you with a couple of pics of the kiddos I will so dearly miss!


Notice the sagging diaper.....
we're obviously out of swimmers diapers....her diaper was down to her knees! 
She finally just got naked.

{That would have been pretty of the duvet if the fitted sheet wasn't in front!}

I'll show you more pictures of our lovely make-shift slide-n-pool soon.  I made sure to get a kiddie pool big enough to fit me lying down on a raft inside. ha



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