Charleston Finale.....

Look at that mantle!!  
Now this is one of the last things I thought I would have bought.

However, it was priced FAR below any other mantle I had ever seen, 
{maybe because it's skinny?}
and it didn't hurt that it was soooooo pretty!!

The picture does not do it justice!!

Matt and I would like to build a home one day {or renovate}, mainly because we know we could save money that way by doing a lot ourselves.  I would love to implement salvaged architecture, and that 
was my main reason for getting this mantle.  Matt, however, doesn't want to just store a ton of "salvage" in the barn.......so this was the perfect piece {or so I thought until I got home and measured my room} because it can be used inside until it finds a permanent place.

Because it won't fit in my room, I'm thinking it may have to go in as Anna Jaymes' 
headboard for her double bed.  Lucky her.

And, although it did take us maybe an hour to get it strapped on the roof as we sweated like pigs,
{the nice man in his sweatshirt couldn't handle the heat for long}
it was worth the long ride home.

Back at the "Thieves' Market," 

we found Laura's great piece....

and, yes it was a STEAL!

{I'm guessing you've caught on by now....thieve's market?}

Although that 70's brown patina is nice, 
she's been busy painting this week, and I can't wait to see it!!

This is also where I got my two white chairs for the front porch....
which I eventually want to make into rocking chairs.

The top piece of wood looks hand carved and is neat how it comes all the way down over the arms.

It was a really cool place to shop for real bargains.  Now, by the end of our visit, with much sweetness, she did tell us we had been a lot of trouble....we did drive some hard bargains. :) 

Her barn used to be an old saw mill, but her family has had it since the 50's....

So, as I was leaving Charleston on my way home, I got lost getting back to the interstate....
this is when a nice little iphone gps would have been nice....
I felt like a caveman using my gigantic road atlas.  Anyway, as I was being stubborn trying to find my way alone because I am usually good with directions,
I found myself in some really pretty neighborhoods!

I could have taken pictures of the fancier homes,
but these homes are what I imagine us building one day.....

simple, classic, and not too big....

{ok, well this one is on the bigger side}

It actually has a basement floor, maybe that's why.

Laura and I are were ooohing and ahhing over all the vine covered steps in Charleston....

This angle looks a bit funny on this house, but there's something I just love about this home! The fancy side bay window or whatever that thing is, adds a lot.  I could even do without that, but I just love it all!  It actually looks like a fancified version of our little home {with a bonus 2nd floor}....
maybe that's why I like it.

Of course, I would take the little guest cottage in the back as well.

This one is similar, but a little different.....

Could someone draw me up some house plans like these, please??

Oh, and of course I had to stop in this antique store in a little country town on my way home.
I was just browsing, but I could just imagine pushing my girls in this stroller back in the day!  
fancy schmancy!
I think the price tag was about $1,000. 
Ha....just a little out of my budget.

I forgot to take a picture of the Explorer all packed up with my load, so I'm going to try and snap some pics of all my finds sometime soon.   
However, I just found out we are leaving for the week to help out at a nearby camp, so 
who knows when it'll be!

I did manage to fix this old quilt stand....

I got it for cheap since the spindles were falling out!  Someone had tried glueing the spindles in and didn't get them in all the way. 
 So, I took it apart, 
used a hair dryer to heat up the wood glue down in the holes,
then used a screwdriver, knife, and needle nose pliers 
to get the glue out!

After figuring out which spindle went where
{because they were different sizes and the people before obviously didn't know where they went}
I was able to get it stuck back together.

I put it to use with my quilts for now and maybe one day soon, it will get painted
{even though I don't really mind it the way it is}.

So, that's about it for now!

I just want to leave you with a verse that recently popped out at me....

Proverbs 22:3

"The prudent sees the evil and hides himself,
but the naive go on, and are punished for it.

My application to what I have been dealing with:

I pray that God will give us HIS eyes to see the evil traps this culture places around us....
I don't want to be naive or complacent to the devil's schemes or worldy desires.

Just a little of what God is showing me these days!

God bless you!!


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