Lisa Leonard Designs...my favorite

Remember how I said I had a new favorite necklace??!  Well, this is it.....

"believe & embrace"

These two words have been powerful to me this last year.  

God is teaching me to truly believe His Truth even amidst the effects of my sin and challenging 
circumstances from 30 years of life.  

He's helping me embrace His love as my Father and to embrace who I am in Him.

"hebrews 4:16"

"Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may
receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

Jesus Christ is our constant High Priest who sits at the right hand of God and is our ongoing source of grace and mercy.  As He has been teaching me to live in His grace constantly, this truth is becoming one of my favorite verses as it reminds me to always draw near to Him.  Plus, I can't forget, it's only through His continuous grace and mercy that I can believe and embrace His Truth.

And, now I have a pretty little reminder to embrace
God's love and grace in every moment.

When I started seeing hand stamped silver jewelry, I really liked the idea of having something meaningful to wear around my neck.  I kept coming back to Lisa Leonard because 
her design and quality are fabulous!!  Then, to top it off, Lisa was so kind as to do a
little bartering with me for the custom necklace I wanted!
So, I'll be doing some advertising for her!

You can customize your necklace for yourself or for a gift to a loved one....
mother, grandmother, new mommies, wedding date, graduation, and so on....
{and if you're like us and there are too many children, you can just get a sweet message 
like my brothers and I did for our mom....wish I had a picture of hers!}

These are just a few of Lisa's beauties....
{pictures from Lisa's website}

oval monogram necklace

family tree necklace

the original necklace

open circle necklace

sparkle necklace
{what a great one to remind yourself to let your light shine before men!}

vintage frames necklace

from up here necklace

There are SO many more that I love!

You can visit her website here, and I will always have her button on my sidebar.

Plus, you have to check out her blog to get to know her and see who you're buying from!



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