Oh Lawdy! That should be the blog Tidy!

Oh Lawdy, that should be the blog tidy!

{translation in case you can not read delirious language: "Oh Lordy, that should be the blog title!"}

Now, I'm sure this is not funny to you, but you know it was to us.

When two girls get tired, and can not talk straight, you know things get funny.

We are tired after day 2.

Not too tired, but tired.

We got up at 6 a.m., got Starbucks, got a newspaper and set out for the estate and garage sales.  
We found some really great steals.  We actually could have come home with more, but we're a little limited in towing room, so that was a bummer!  I'm not sure why Matt Jolley did not take me serious
about bringing a trailer!

Oh, but first, last night in an attempt to show Laura how the camera could stop motion, 
this is what we got....

That was about all the excitement for the first night.  The rest was spent chatting and 
planning out the garage sale routes.

Ok, so after making the rounds, we ended up with some pretty great finds......

small turquoise salt and pepper shakers.....

Great primitive box for storage for 2 bucks, a cradle {a steal!}....and it is not for me!  At least not now, anyways!  It's for another little someone I know, and let's just say it's staying in the family!  It's the same kind I used with Anna Jaymes and I loved it, so I was excited to find this one!

We also found some great big frames that just need a little paint.

See those little boots?  Well, they are so cute with little soft spurs on the back.  Laura is the new owner of those cuties.  A few other pairs of vintage shoes came with them, too all for $2.

We also got some frames and a couple of other things.  Oh, and my table here for 3 bucks!  It's in great condition, just needs some paint.

We also went to the market downtown....

You could describe my finds as "crochet."

I love this dress!  It wasn't exactly a "steal," but it was a good deal....especially because we thought it looked like something out of Anthro.

And some crochet hair clips for the girls, how cute!!

We then came home and cooked supper {well, we actually threw the frozen meal in the skillet} and are about to spend some time reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart," and then hitting the sack!  
Got an early morning tomorrow.

Downtown Charleston is fabulous, and we're definitely planning a photo shoot there on Sunday....along with a visit to the tea room and Charleston Tea Plantation.  Can't wait!


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  1. I am just anticipating the "photo shoot" being posted! ;)