Road Trip Countdown

One day left until my road trip!

I leave early Thursday.......but not too early.  I must have enough sleep to drive 10 hours... 

{in the words of Anna Jaymes, while pointing her finger}

What in the world am I going to do in the car by myself for 10 hours???

Hmmm, I can think of several things.

Laura and I are meeting in Charleston and staying at a friend's house.  I wish we were riding together, but I know this will prove to be great for us mommies to have some alone time, too!

We've got some fun spots lined up to visit, and I'm looking forward to keeping you posted!

Feel free to pray for our safety and for some real spiritual rejuvenation!  This is not only a junkin trip, 
but hopefully a refreshing trip to have some extra time with God and some encouraging friends.



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