The last month.....

Sooo....I'm not sure where that month long sabbatical from blogging came from.  

Possibly from the countless number of things we've had going on......

busy playing and working.....

{Daddy's little helper}

{and fishing buddy}

{This was quite funny when we came running around the house to see what had happened....

good thing Adolyn was wearing her seat belt :)  }

and the sabbatical could be from the fact that I've been exhausted and almost good for nothing....

and in case you didn't know, that is due to the fact that I'm having another baby!!

Yes, that's right, we'll have 3 little kiddos running around this little house and 
sleeping in the same room!  Gasp! {that is a sarcastic gasp, by the way}

and I just have to say this to answer your questions {based on some reactions}.......

YES, we are very excited.....yes, we know how this happens......
yes, we know they will all be close in age {meaning, yes I'm aware I may lose my mind}......
 yes we can afford it {Our hope is in God and He is our provider who provides our needs and all things for us to enjoy}.....No, this wasn't an accident, we were trusting God.....
and yes, we will be content {or at least try to be} in our little home as long as God has us here.

Now don't get me wrong.....my first thought concerning our home was....
 can we add on??  can we build a bigger house??  

Then it hit me that that's just the modern American mindset.  My Mamaw asked the same questions when we were talking, and I asked her what they did when they were growing 
up with more than 10 kids in the house.  

"We all slept in the same room.  Girls in one room, boys in another.  We shared beds."
  Well, there you go!  Why do we always need bigger and better??  
Why can't we just minimize to make room for more?
{Mamaw felt the same way, she just asked the same initial question that most ask}

NOT that I can act like I've always had this "simple is more" mindset!  
It's only recently that God has been making me content and opening my eyes 
to lies and tricks of this culture and to the real desires of my heart.
But, now that He's opening my eyes, I can't 
believe how gullible and naive I've been!!  That's for another post where I MUST 
share about the books we're reading and what God has been teaching us.
Wooh!!  Talk about humbling!

Anyway, now, I'm not going to lie!  I would LOVE an extra room for a nursery, but that's not gonna 
happen right now, and it's fine.  And, yes hopefully down the road if we have both boys and girls, they will be able to have separate rooms.....but no big deal for now....just gotta get more creative juices flowing for organization and a neutral kids room....if it's a boy.  Maybe that will bring some fun posts.

 Mamaw said the babies slept in the parents' room for about the first year.  
Um.....we will not have that happening in this house....I hope.  I usually kick them
out by the first month due to all their grunting and the fact that I can't sleep.  
But, we'll try to make it for about 3 months this time.  Anna Jaymes slept through the night that early, and I'm praying this one will, too.

So, during this recent sabbatical, I actually spent about a week in the kitchen
 cooking and canning!  I know, 
I can't believe how successful it was, and it was much easier than I thought it would be.

In my Mamaw's words, she "glories in my spunk to try."  She told me that about 4 times as she tried to help me over the phone as I cooked preserves......that is because I had to call her about 6 times.

We now have a good supply of cooked canned and uncooked frozen homemade salsa
{which makes this preggo girl want to throw up now if I see another tomato}.

We also have a few jars of fig preserves that I made and then some from Mr. Larry on the farm.  
He's a hoot and was a big help at getting me started with all the canning.
Actually, everyone on the farm was by even supplying all the food!  What a blessing!
Now that I think about it, all that food was free!  Hey, hey!!

Anyway, we're trying to recoup and get focused on the semester, so Matt 
surprised me with a trip to New Orleans over the past few days!
Our timeshare has a free place to stay there, so we got to stay in the French Quarter....
more pics on that later.

hopefully no more sabbaticals for a while......at least until March 26th.



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  1. That picture with Anna Jaymes and the fish should be in a photo contest. Those boots in the background are TOO CUTE! Seriously. Your girls are dang cute!