A lesson on bees

Some of you know that our family had a fun little outing this week.  Quite an odd day, actually.

Matt and Anna Jaymes started off feeding the horses.  After a little while, Matt came by the house and got his gun saying that "they" were about to go kill some coyotes and asked if Adolyn and I wanted to come?!

Well, of course!!  

Who would pass up a chance to see some coyotes killed!?  

Especially the girls??!  Blood and guts, yippeee!!!

Actually.....not so sure why we really tagged along for this trip.  Kinda sad that this 
was going to be the excitement for the day.

No worries, I was going to keep the girls far away.

Anyway, after shooting one coyote pup (felt a little bad for him until I saw all his sharp teeth!), and searching for the second, we headed back towards the horse barn.

Well, right before getting there, Matt turned down to go by a pond and get some dirt for our driveway.
Hardly anyone is ever around this pond.  So, we drive up in the Kubota, and Matt starts shoveling in some dirt while Anna Jaymes gets out to help him.  

So, as I'm sitting there holding Adolyn, this huge bee comes flying around me 
and immediately stings me in the elbow!

OOOWWW!!!!  Those stings really HURT....especially the first one you're not 
expecting so it can get you really good! 
 {It put a hole in my elbow and made my bone/muscle sore for 2 days!}

My first thought is "Why on earth is this carpenter bee stinging me?!?!?  
I didn't do anything to it?!?

So, then the bee comes BACK after me again and I realize he's not kiddin' around!  I jump out swatting and jumping like crazy, looking like a lunatic while Matt is wondering "what is going on??!!"

I'm swatting and screaming and trying to keep them off Adolyn.  
Matt then sees more bees and sees them attacking Bailey.

So, finally, Matt realizes that we have gotten in their nest and it's a swarm of BUMBLEBEES!!

Off we run for 75 yards of bees chasing us....in flip flops and work boots in cut field grass 
(with hard roots and shoots)....not an easy thing to do while carrying toddlers and
swatting off bees.....oh or for an out of shape pregnant lady.

Halfway, we realize that Anna Jaymes has a bee in her shirt, and Matt rips it off.  Anna Jaymes is then not worried about her 6 or 7 stings, but is sobbing for her shirt which is quickly left behind!!  Typical.

As we ran, I only saw that a bee landed on Adolyn's head twice and I managed to swat it away pretty quickly.....being the supermom I am and all. :)

Ok, so after everyone is settled down and we do an assessment......Anna Jaymes has been stung several times, Matt and I both about 4 or 5 times each, and I SEARCH and SEARCH Adolyn's head and can find nothing.  However she did pull at her head only a little bit.  
But, as of then, it seemed that she got away clear.

Then we get home.....why in the world is there NO Benadryl in the house??  
Don't remember using the last of it.

Then, after a couple of hours and getting the girls down for a nap....Adolyn randomly vomits ALL of her stomach's contents....including lots of milk......naaaasssstttyy.
There was no fever or anything else.  Made me wonder if maybe she
DID get stung.  But, I couldn't find anything!  

Turns out, a couple days later, we notice that her lymph nodes are swollen in her neck.
I take her to church and let the doc look at her and says they don't look serious because they're moveable and small.....and that she probably got stung or bit on her scalp or from an upper respiratory infection!!!!

"Well, actually, doc, she did get chased by a swarm of bees!"

So, the moral of this story.....

I have been a little surprised at people's lack of knowledge of bees (even mine) as I've told people this week.  Some have never heard of carpenter bees or that big bumblebees will sting you.

So, here you go.....

I first thought it was a carpenter bee flying around...which actually to me, 
look a little more yellow than in this pic.  

Also, bumblebees can sting you MORE than once because they have a smooth stinger.  I think they only sting you if you come close to their nest??  Isn't that the kind of bee we all see flying 
around the flowers a lot and they never bother us?

Carpenter bees don't sting you {they're around our barn, and I kill them anyway} unless you're aggressive with them.....so maybe I should ensure I kill them with my first shot from now on.  They usually just fly around you....hence my delayed reaction to what I thought was a carpenter bee.

As for the bee allergy....usually you have a reaction pretty quickly.  However, Adolyn didn't show
obvious reactions right away....possibly because she didn't get a lot of venom in each spot...maybe her hair protected her?  She had more serious delayed reactions and only got stung a couple or few little times.  So, praise the Lord she didn't get stung more!!  I can't even imagine.  I really think it was the Lord protecting her and that she may be really allergic.  Now, this makes me a little nervous for her to possibly get around anything that stings.  She does get bigger sores from ant bites than Anna Jaymes does.  Maybe that says something about her allergies, too?

Finally, always keep benedryl on hand!!

Well, that was the most exciting thing that happened to us this week.  Farm life isn't always so fun.....exciting, but not always fun.

So, all I know now, is that if ANY bee gets even near me, 
I will probably be making a fool out of myself.  That is one sting I don't want again.

Ok, and last, I just wanted to share one, and only one, picture from my visit to my sister's.  We tried
taking pics of all the girls together, but seriously, no others are really worth posting right now!
Three little girls together is not easy!!

So, this is my niece, Ashley.....

{you may think this pic is a little dark of her, but actually she was a TAN little girl after the summer}

Please pray for their family as my sister's {half sister - just clarifying so this will make sense} step father passed away last night.  He had a kidney transplant months ago, but it turned out that his heart was just
not strong enough.  I can't imagine the disappointment after they had hoped for so long that the transplant would be positive. Please pray for her and her mom and everyone else to be comforted during this time.  And, above all, pray that God will somehow use this time to be glorified in their lives.


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