Little projects and froggies...

Long time, no see again!!

I just wanted to post a few pics about what's been going on lately.

Remember those cluttered cubby shelves Matt MADE me put in our bedroom?

Well, here's some $2 fabric I found at our local antiques store several months ago.....

{I have no idea what it is, but I love it and I still have some left over}

Well, it's now hanging on the front of the cubbies so I can't see all the junk behind them.  I must say, it made the room feel so put together and clean after I hung them.  I was going to use some no-sew hemming on the edges, but when I held it up to check it out, I actually liked the fringe on all the sides and realized it would be LESS work!  So, casual and fringed it is.

I used some upholstery tacks to attach it to the shelves.  It took three days for my thumb to stop being numb, and I still think there's some dead nerves in there!!  

I actually forgot to take a final picture!  So, I'll post one tomorrow.

Until then, here's some more little projects.....

I found these little pillows last year for about $3 and I just stuffed them and had my sister monogram our initials on them.  They just happened to be the perfect colors to match my quilt.  

This was one of my finds on my roadtrip.  I think I paid $3 for it.

I wanted to lighten it up for the room, so I painted it a light turquoise and then white-washed it.  

I really liked how it turned out.  Each new painting project is usually an experiment, and I never know 
how it's going to look...especially when I just use the paints I have already.

For instance, a few weeks ago, a sweet friend offered to come watch the girls for me.  So, I, of course, took her up on it since she was sincerely eager to do it!

Besides getting some work around the house done, I also managed to get some of my picture frames painted.  I had several that didn't really go together in our room, and I thought I'd just throw some paint on them for an easy quick project.  Well, it did end up being pretty easy, but the white was TOO bright white, so I found some gold paint to tone them down.

I BARELY dipped my brush in the gold paint because I didn't know how bright it would be, but it 
really ended up being just enough to "warm up" the frames a bit.

As for the little girls that keep me so busy, Daddy decided to rig them 
up a nice little jeep and trailer outfit.

I'm sure you're thinking this looks a bit dangerous for Adolyn......but, she is quite the happy rider in the trailer and has managed to stay safe so far.  Don't worry, we do keep an eye on her. :)

Then, there's the many frogs that seem to like our back door and steps.  This is the little version. 
I have sworn that I will not pick up any more frogs for Adolyn because she becomes obsessed with them  and begs for me to pick them up.  Then, when I do, she freaks out when I try to give it to her.  I don't mind the little ones, but I'm done with the fat nasty ones.

She actually holds the little ones.....

That's about it for now.  My oldest baby turns 3 this Friday, so we have lots to get ready for!!



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