An Update in Pictures....1

Hello to a New Year!!!

Well, once again.....it's been a while since I've written, so I thought I'd do an update through pictures over a few different posts.  This one doesn't have as many pics since I've found it necessary to share with you what I've been reading, but more pics to come in the following days!

First off, Anna Jaymes had a fun little birthday party when she turned THREE waaay back in October.

We had some friends and family over for cake and played a little in the yard.  Then, things got much more exciting as we took a hayride over across the road to go ride the horses.  Steve and Kim went way beyond our expectations and made it so much fun!  The kids all took turns getting to ride around the large ring with Ashley and Natalie, while us old fogies sat in the gazebo.  They also got to pet some of the other horses and even the most recent foal.  
After everyone rode, they all got their little blue personalized ribbons!

Anna Jaymes and her new bike!

Mamaw and Papaw!!

Ok, so about what I've been reading....I hope you actually take time to read this little summary because these books have truly been LIFE CHANGING, but I have to put in my little 2 cents!!

First, I started reading Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

This book will stop you in your tracks!

It's separated into two parts.  The first is about being a helper and why we were created.  
The second breaks down Titus 2.

Almost every day that I read a chapter of the first part, I would cry and confess to Matt how sorry I was for not being the wife God created me to be all the past 6 years!! 
I'm sure he enjoyed this quite thoroughly.  But, I know he will really enjoy the changes it's bringing!

I must give you my personal opinion here though...and this is basically what my friend
told me when she lent me this book.

I'm not exactly sure how to explain my thoughts on it.  I would just encourage anyone to read it very prayerfully....for a few different reasons.  One, to have an open mind and heart because she really "gets in your face" and tells you like it is without all the fluff...which is not really my style. :)  Two, because she's only dealing with the wife's responsibilities....regardless of the man and his sin or issues.  It's easy to justify our actions when we think of our husbands issues or because of our "rights."  But, that's not how God's Word teaches us.  

Third, because although I think for the most part she is very biblical, there are a few instances where I think she may be making "assumptions" or making "gray biblical issues" into "black and white" issues. I would also rather someone study and cross reference from different translations when teaching, and I'm not sure she does that.  I can see a little how it affects some of her comments.  
Maybe I'm just being too analytical??  I just can't put my stamp on every little word!!

Fourth, I just don't know that I would fully agree with some of her personal thoughts, 
but when do any of us agree 100%??!

So, really as with any author, I feel like this book should be read through prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit.  I think God uses many wise people to teach us, but ultimately, we need to rely on His Spirit to bring to light His Word and teach us accordingly.


no matter HOW OLD you are or HOW LONG you have been married or if you ever plan to marry, if you want to change your marriage from one that has been mostly influenced by our culture (whether you realize it or not!) into one that is TOTALLY influenced by GOD's Word, then I encourage you to read this!!  Just read it prayerfully. :)  It IS a Worthy Read!!

Every day now I see ways I am selfish and can change to better serve my husband and children.....um not that I can actually follow through all that well yet.  Seeing is the first step. :)  I am SO thankful that this "veil" has been lifted from me, and it's like I'm now seeing the light!  Of course, I am not perfect and don't have it all down, but regardless, I know Matt can see changes and I can see our family benefitting already.  Praise the Lord....All glory is His!  His Spirit can do Mighty things in us as 
we seek knowledge and wisdom!!

Ok, since that took so long to explain, I'll save the next book for the next post along with more pictures!


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  1. Yay! I'm glad you have a new post other than spaghetti! :) Maybe I'll think about updating my blog now too. I'm glad you posted the name of this book because I forgot what it was already! Love & miss you!