An Update in Pictures...3

We took a little photo shoot at the farm for Christmas Cards.  I love the pettiskirts, but truly, my girls are just not that girly.  So, the fact that my girls are fishing in pettiskirts makes it much more "them."

Sadly, I couldn't get many smiles from Adolyn.

The last picture made the front of the card. :)

Well, we've decided on a name for our future little boy that will arrive within a few months!

Cole Matthew Jolley

"Cole" is after Tim and Michele Cole....our pastor and his wife from Florida.  They were like family to us in Florida and have been such incredible spiritual parents to us over the past 6-7 years!  They truly taught us about discipleship and always welcomed us into their home....to love and teach us and ultimately set great examples for us.  We do keep in touch, but we miss them terribly!  Since our children tend to have family and biblical names, we thought the Coles pretty much fit that picture. :)

"Matthew" is obviously from Matt....it's his middle name.  
So far, each child's middle name comes from either Matt or me.   

I like it!  I can't believe it was so easy for us to decide!  It usually takes me quite a while! :)

And, speaking of adding a boy to our house, I've been changing a few things around since the 
"girls' room" will now be the "kids' room."  I'll try to post pics soon....along with pictures of the cubbies that I mentioned months ago. :)


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  1. baby cole should be here soon or already, right?? please let me know of any of your boy needs! we have lots to let you borrow if you need!