Around the farm….

I thought I was about to lose this little girl the other day…

We spontaneously decided to take pictures across the road last week.  
As you can tell, I didn't even fix their hair.  Maybe I should have at least used barrettes to 
keep it out of their faces since it was a windy day!

We had played around and taken some pictures around the front of the farm for a little while and decided to head to the back of the farm to see the horses.  

Matt had just crossed the highway and was over in our driveway to get the car (he had Cole in the baby bjorn on him).  The girls were on the farm on the inside of the big iron gate….

{here's an old picture of the gate into the farm}

Then, Anna Jaymes came out to the road side. I was walking on the grass along the roadside of the fence towards this gate and was still about 20 yards away.  I saw Anna Jaymes punch in the numbers to the gate and the gate started opening.  Adolyn was on the opposite side of the gate.  She didn't jump back in time and the gate knocked her down, started dragging her along the gravel and gradually moving up her body towards her chest and head.  I saw it start happening.  I started running and screaming {more than I have ever screamed before} for Matt. When I started toward her, my thoughts were "oh no, this is it, this is what's going to kill her!" I just knew if it got up close to her chest, it was going to either break her ribs or suffocate her or smash her face or something.  Needless to say it was quite scary. I grabbed the gate and tried to stop it or pull it up off her or pull it back or something.  Yes…..me verses a heavy iron gate.
Not sure what I was thinking, 
but I did at least manage to stop it from going further up her body.

  I couldn't really do anything else until Matt finally got there.  He had come sprinting across the road (Praise God he and Cole didn't get run over!), and he was able to grab the gate and hold it while I pulled her out from under it.   I was so hyped up with adrenaline pumping and holding her that I think it actually calmed her down because she was so curious about how I was acting!  I was shaking {probably due to me just taking on a giant piece of iron!} and just couldn't believe the whole thing.  

The gravel scraped up her back some and tore through her shirt, but that was really all that happened!

I just can't imagine if it had gotten up towards the thicker part of her body.  Maybe it would've just kept pulling her across the road {like it had already done} and then stopped at the edge, 
but at the time, all I could do was imagine the worst!  

She seriously has like an army of guardian angels around her…..not just one….
but there must be plenty of 'em!
It seems like it is something new every day and I feel like I am always praying for her physical safety….and as my friend, Rachel so sweetly pointed out….probably praying more for 
her physical safety than for her salvation at this point!  
Poor little thing is always getting hurt or having close calls.

The positive aspect is that it helps me to be more thankful for the time I have with these little children and realize that anything could happen at any moment!  I am not guaranteed anything, and I don't want to take this time for granted….although I do find myself doing just that sometimes!!  aaargh!!

It also makes me thankful for their health and all their capabilities….how they can run and play….

although she still fell :)…..

and how they can climb….
{although that doesn't always go so well, either}

 They get to do so many things that a lot of children in this 
world can't physically do and they get to enjoy life without any worries.

This is a blessing I don't thank God for nearly enough!

"Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him,
On those who hope for His lovingkindness,
To deliver their soul from death
And to keep them alive in famine.

Our soul waits on the LORD;
He is our help and our shield.
For our heart rejoices in Him,
Because we trust in His holy name.
Let your lovingkindness, O LORD, be upon us,
According as we have hoped in You."

Psalm 33:18-22

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!!



  1. I understand about constant praying for safety. Laney is our limitless child who seems to always have some crazy accident. I am thankful for the angels the Lord sets around them! Glad she is okay!

  2. oh my goodness, crystal. you poor girl! i would have been hysterical! so glad she's okay!! the pics are beautiful!

  3. Lovely pictures Crystal. They do get curious about how we react - sometimes it scares them though. They just don't know at that age the horrible fear we have of losing their lives, it's such a weighty responsibility. And they don't realize the depth of love we have for them. I don't think we ever realize quite how much our parents love us until we are a parent. At Addy's age with their curiousity, innocence and seeming obliviousness - there must be legions of angels dedicated to the protection of these wee-ones. I'd say it gets better, but my seven year old gets hurt every day too. We pray for the rest of our lives. Our kids keep us especially close to our heavenly Father.

  4. bless you and that sweet baby girl!! what a blessing they have such an amazing place to run and play. We can never pray for their safety enough. God knows He's in control anyway!!