A few more pictures...and a book

Little Baby wasn't too interested in any fancy poses.  
I think he just liked laying there looking at his mommy. :)  Or maybe the big camera.

You can still see where he has blood in his eyes, and I can't seem to photoshop it out!  
Anyone know how?

{Once again, these are The Pioneer Woman's Actions.  I just adjusted the opacity.}


As life went from a family of four to a family of five recently, there have been a few adjustments….
but not as many as when we first went to a family of four, thankfully!

There are crazy moments….as my small group girls got to witness last night for a few hours.  
Bless them!

People are always saying 

"Oooohh, you must have your hands full!!"

Why, yes, yes I do...

but this is my calling.  

Regardless of my hands being full, I love that I have three young children close in age, 
and I am learning to love it more and more.  
We believe this is the road God has directly taken us down.  There were no accidents in us getting here.

One day I will miss these crazy moments.  I will miss them being so little.  All the craziness is actually just being used to teach me more about myself and how I can love these little children better each day and it's creating fun memories along the way.
You mommas know exactly what I mean.
I just have to keep thinking
"Rejoice always!!"

It's easy for me to want to get stressed because some situations are not "ideal."
I really have no reason to ever complain, however. 
{although I am guilty of it!}

I am blessed beyond measure with a husband who understands his calling as a biblical father, 
who loves his children and family and puts us above everything else.  
I am blessed that he is here with me and not off fighting a war somewhere.
He does all that he can to "help me" keep our house running….even though I am HIS helper. :)
{and I did nothing to deserve him}

I always knew I wanted to stay at home and be a mom. I never saw myself in the career world. Yet, I never really fathomed all this would entail, either!  
I wasn't prepared to be an assistant manager, nutritionist, cook, teacher, 
maid, organizer, secretary, play partner or
always on top of things and perfectly patient!

I have a whole new appreciation for Titus 2 ~ and the realization that I can not do this without God's grace~ along with a yearning to learn more practical efficiency so that I can truly enjoy these days!

"Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage (or train) the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the Word of God will not be blasphemed."

While God's Word is what our lives are firmly based on and it has all we need for life and godliness, I greatly appreciate the practical advice and ideas of other Godly women out there who can help me keep my home running smoothly.  That way, I can learn to focus on the more important parts of our lives.

It's no easy task to "love their husband, to love their children" or to be "workers at home."

That's why I am telling you of this book:

Thank you Maureen!!!!!

This book was recently recommended to me by Maureen, a mother of 13, whom I greatly admire!  I am SO glad I got this book and I am eagerly trying to incorporate everything the author talks about,
including a Home Management Book.

Kim Brenneman writes exclusively from a biblical perspective about how to be efficient in the "mundane" tasks while also being a godly woman and mother who teaches her family the Word of God.

I LOVE this book and am so thankful this lady is "teaching the younger women."  
It is an answer to my prayers.  

Even if you only have ONE child, this book will be helpful! 
It may actually become my new gift to new wives or mommas!! :)


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  1. He is just Gorgeous!! I want to kiss him so badly! :) sweet little boy :) I cant wait to see ya'll this summer!!