New Roads

{ Nice little sock fuzz…maybe I should photoshop that out }

The roads I'm going down these days are not ones I ever expected to find myself on.

Some serious, some not so serious.

One of these roads is 


If you have been like me and living in the land of "sposies"

{the new term for Disposables I just learned}

all your momma life, then you may have just gagged.  That's ok. :)
You must not know the diapers of this decade.

I found this girl's blog because I was looking for some photography tips.  I then stumbled on her amazing post on cloth diapers.  I had no idea cloth is what it is.  After much research, 
I walked away with an investment in cloth!!  


1.  Because it makes sense and it's smart.  It may be a little more work at times, but it's worth it…for me.
2. It may be more money up front, but it saves A LOT of money in the long run…
especially if you have several kids….and who knows if Cole is our last! :)
{another road I didn't picture myself going down!}
3. It's totally GREEN and good for the earth!!
4. They are really cute and come in some great colors.  This is obviously
just a bonus and makes it a weeee bit more fun.
5. It's only one of the roads I'm going down to step out of the life of "convenience" and into
the life of "what's best."  Of course, convenience is nice some of the time,
but not always necessary or best.  
So, no fear, there are still some sposies on hand.
6. If our country really does face that economic crash, then I will be SET for diapers…
no worries on how I will buy them!!
{as long as I have the water to wash them!}

I'm still learning the basics and figuring out what I personally feel most comfortable using.  If anyone has an inkling to dive in to cloth, feel free to ask and I'll share what I ended up finding for myself.  It's a bit
overwhelming if you just go to a site and start trying to figure out what you need!!

I bought mine at Kelly's Closet and tried to shop when they had good specials 
and got some good free stuff.  However, there are many other good sites as well.

So, check out StyleBerry's Blog for some great pictures and info on Cloth!!

You Will Be Amazed.

She has more posts than these, but these are the most resourceful.




  1. Crystal, what a sweet baby! He is so precious! I have a friend who is selling cloth diapers covers. If you are interested I can give you her info.

  2. Cloth diapers have come along way since I used them on my babies!!! No more fears of sticking your baby with pins!!! You won't regret using them!! Congrats on the newest addition also! Precious