Here's some pictures from our Florida trip.  Each year we go down to St. Petersburg and visit friends and our old church where there are many people who support Phase 2.   While this is a fun/spiritual/refreshing trip for Phase 2, we like for some of our supporters to meet some of the students we work with so it ends up being sort of an "update trip for our donors/prayer partners," also.  
So, Matt and a couple of kids shared in church about discipleship. 

The Coles and Dickhaus' were so nice to host us for some dinners and fellowship!
Thank you!!

We also fellowship with one another, spend time in the Word, go to the beach, camp out….
a little bit of everything to make it a well rounded trip….and a hectic one!

Well, since our whole family is involved with Phase 2, our whole family went this year!  Needless to say, the students really got to see the Jolley family up close and personal for a few days!  Of course, this would be when Adolyn is really hitting those terribly sweet two's and we 
were really challenged in our patience!  

Cole was a breeze on the trip!  He is such a good baby….except that he still eats every 3 hours all through the night, sometimes stretching to 4 or 5 hours!  {Somehow, God gives me the energy to keep going.  But, maybe that's why I can't see straight half the time and I can never remember anything!}

at the campgrounds….

{Anna Jaymes and Taylor with Andy doing who knows what behind them}

evening at the beach….

hair ALWAYS in the face….

there was a lot of this….

I like her reflection in this picture….

trying to skimboard??

cold and ready to go….

a little colder than expected and didn't have enough towels….

day at the beach feeding the birds…..

now chasing them off….


Anna Jaymes now thinks it's good to smile for the camera….
{and she looks so old!!} 

a smirk and a smile from the little trooper….

the birthday girl on the way home…..

I can't believe my little girl just turned TWO years old!!  We're having her a little cookout with the family tomorrow evening, so I'll post some pictures from that soon.  I've been working on my annual birthday party picture decorations, so of course, I'll share that with ya!!


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