Birthday Barbecue…

A month later….here's some pictures of the birthday barbecue!

Adolyn just turned TWO and I can't believe she is getting so big.  We just had some family and everyone on the farm over for dinner and cupcakes.

Sadly, I don't even have any great pictures of her from the party or the whole group!!

I honestly threw this together within a few days right before the party since we had been out of town.  I saw so many cute ideas on pinterest and was really only able to incorporate them with what I had. 

I would have loved to have had time to order some things like striped straws 
from etsy because they are so stinkin cute!

Maybe next time.

Here's the back yard….

Only one of those linens is an actual table cloth. 
{I wish I had taken some close up pics, but I barely got these in time before anything got touched. }
The other linens are some I ran around the house and picked up:
a striped throw blanket, leftover piece of muslin, leftover piece of canvas drop cloth, flowered flat bed sheet, and then my quilt from my grandmother that you see that cute little baby lying on!!

The pots down the middle of the table are/were holding roasted peanuts.
{Someone had just given us a large bag of peanuts, so that worked out well}

The flowers came from the side of the road about a mile down from our house.

Here's the picture project I did for Adolyn this year. 
Each year, I put together some sort of craft for the birthday girl that has my favorite pictures from the past year.  I then re-use it each year at each birthday party.  So, there's pictures from each year of life.  However, I forgot to bring out the pictures from her first year for this party! Oops!

{photography note: pay attention to your background!  This annoys me!  The barn door is open and that white shelf is just shining in the background. Plus there's a random clothes pin in the middle of the clothesline.  Glad I don't really care about this picture. } 

Here's the back of it.  Like all of my projects lately….they are a little "rough around the edges."  I don't have time to make sure they are all nice and clean and perfect, so I just folded fabric around the twine rope and sprayed them together with spray adhesive.  I wanted the back to be pretty, too, so that worked out well.  Then I clipped most :) of the frayed edges off and attached pictures to the front.

Yes, it was very simple and easy, and I'm sure if someone had a little more time, this project could be done much more elaborate!  But, for me, it works! 

And….speaking of rough around the edges, here's the rag garland…..

My inspiration from pinterest had some better shape and colors, but again…
I just used what I had and it turned out cute!  Most of this was from a little bag of scraps.

The kids mostly just played around…

Cole almost falling asleep...

Birthday girl playing with a new toy….

This is not the best picture, but I love it because it really depicts Adolyn's true personality.  She is just so sweet, but she doesn't like smiling much for the camera these days, 
so I love that I caught her sweet little grin.

The girls have been into picking out their own clothes lately and changing 6 times a day.  Therefore, they are in dirty old play clothes at Adolyn's birthday party!  Oh well, that's our life.

{That may be about to change though since I just gave away over half of their clothes for a fundraiser and put the rest in the closet to where they can't reach them!! I'm sorry, but I got tired of picking up clothes ALL day long and washing unnecessary loads!  
And, obviously someone else had greater needs!! }

post party eating as many sweets as they can before we put them up….

{mouth full of cupcake}

funny picture:  Note Adolyn throwing back and guzzling the m & m's from the jar
how sad Anna Jaymes looks to see the cupcakes being taken away.


My sister in law, Stacey and her little boy, Noah…

{f.y.i….I did not edit his beautiful eyes!! :) }

The End :)


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  1. it's adorable! love it! you're brilliant!! i know she'll look back someday and be so thankful for how you make things so cute and special! :)