Pinterest and headbands...

I really like smart things.

Well, this is really smart if you ask me.  Genius in fact….especially for those of us who don't have much space to keep tearing out magazine pages and storing them in endless binders.

You may already be aware of the fabulous Pinterest…..
and if you're not, but you like to collect pictures and ideas, 
then you will LOVE it!!

There is a red flag, however.  :)

It's so easy to spend WAY too much time on this because it's just genius.  So, I trrryyyy to limit myself as to not get carried away at looking at everything imaginable.  I trrryyyy to only look for certain things. :) It could be a potential time waster {as are so many of our technological advances these days} 
or it can be a brilliant tool in your life!!

It was a great source of inspiration for Adolyn's birthday party….

here's a preview of her party {that post is coming soon!}:

You can "pin" photos to different boards and save those photos for later reference.  You can either repin pictures that are already on Pinterest or you can pin any old picture off the internet.  Amazing technology that I just don't have the brain capacity to understand.

You can also follow other people's boards to get ideas or you can search for random things.

So, anyway, you can go to Pinterest to request an invite, but it may take a little while to get your email invite.  Just be patient…it's worth the wait. :) 
Or, you can let me know and I can invite you…it's faster.

You can see my pins here.


So, Anna Jaymes is a flower girl in a wedding NEXT weekend.  I am just now borrowing a dress.

{There was a backup dress that I would have bought if I hadn't found one to borrow, so no worries. :) }

Still, she has no shoes for it yet.  So, she may be barefooted….which would be cute.

She also has nothing for her hair.

And you KNOW her hair.

She MUST have something in it to keep it out of her face. :)

So, back to Pinterest {and Etsy} I went!

I found a DIY flower headband tutorial:
{this is just the tutorial}

and these are some of my inspirations for I want to make:

{all pictures from etsy and pinterest}

My problem, however was that here in the middle of nowhere,
we have no good fabric shops or supply stores and I can't order anything with only a few days left!

This is when you are forced to get creative.

Thankfully there was a great estate sale in town this morning! I found some lace and rhinestone earrings there {among some other great things!} and then headed off to the thrift store.  I'm sure the lady checking me out wondered why I was buying a set of old lady silky pajamas, but they were just the fabric I needed.  I also found two dupioni silk and linen shirts for the flowers.  Then I was off to Walmart where I found some felt for the backing.

So, let's see if I can throw together one of these headbands by next weekend!!
I'll keep you posted on what I come up with. :)


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