Rag Garland…

A little more on the scrap fabric garland…..

I'm sure this sounds a little corny, but this scrap fabric garland sort of reminds me of the body of Christ.

This garland used to be a bunch of useless fabric scraps.  Then I decided to take all the scraps, tie them together and make them into a pretty and fun decor for my little girls' birthday parties and bedroom {beauty is in the eye of the beholder!}.
This brings me much more pleasure than them taking up storage space in my laundry room. :)


Although beautiful in Christ by ourselves, we're all a bunch of "pieces of scraps" and we're not really good for much just lying around in our own flesh.
{maybe it's not an exact analogy, but you get my drift!}

HOWEVER, when we know Christ and are used by Him and put together with the rest of His body, we are totally transformed into something beautiful!  Something useful! 
Something God finds pleasure in looking at!  

He has a plan for EACH of us and gave us gifts to actually use so that we could work together for His glory. {1 Corinthians 12}  Do we even know what our gifts are?  Do we even know the greater purpose God has for each of us?  Do we just try to do "good things" in our own flesh?

It just makes me wonder how I can apply this to my own life.  Am I just lying around not fulfilling God's purpose for me?  Am I being used by Him?  Am I fulfilling the gifts He gave me and intended to use in me?  Am I working together with the Body so that we can fulfill His purposes together and be beautiful?

I've taken those spiritual gift tests before.  I think I have an idea of what mine may be, but sadly I'm not really positive.  I haven't really focused on developing that gift or anything. That's truly a shame.

I ask you this silly question….are you just lying around {a.k.a. just going to church on Sundays or just being a content little christian} and being a piece of scrap?  Or are you fulfilling a greater purpose…His purpose?  Are you tied together with the Body doing something beautiful?  
Are you being used by Him…considering that He did, after all save us to be "zealous for good deeds?" {Titus 2:14}

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a hearty ole ZEALOUS!!

I really want to prayerfully ask these questions about myself and I hope you can do the same! :)

Our pastor is just about to start teaching on spiritual gifts this next week, 
so I look forward to seeing how God will speak!!



  1. I adore everything about this beautiful party! It's obvious that you are thoughtful and creative. Your creativity apparently comes from a loving heart. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! Your blog is lovely!

  2. Thank you, Susan! That's very sweet of you!