DONE!  I think.  I told myself I couldn't blog again until I finished thank you cards for all of the baby gifts {I hope I didn't miss anyone!}….although he was born 6 MONTHS ago!  I did do a ton of them 6 months ago, handed or mailed most out and just finished handing some of those out that had gotten mixed up in all the papers in my stashes.  Then, I never even got around to writing ones for those who sent gifts later.  I guess I was a little preoccupied and if I'm going to sit down and write a thank you card, it's going to be sincere, not just a "thanks" jotted down.  So, now I'm done.


Thank you to all of you who commented or mentioned to me the last post of pictures.  I hope you're taking lots of pics yourselves!  After I thought about it, I thought how rude of me to talk about taking pictures of yourself and your kiddos no matter how you look….and then I go and 
post pictures of us all prepped and ready for a photo shoot!! 
Hee hee, sorry!!  
Oh well, there will be normal daily pictures to come soon I'm sure!


I forgot that I have not shared the final project on the headband I made…..

that she DID NOT wear.

It ended up being sort of top heavy and I wasn't sure it would actually stay on her head.  So, on the way down to the wedding, since I had to stop at a fabric store, I grabbed a cute little headband as a back up.  Well, she voted for the back up, and since I'm learning to choose my battles with the little stylista these days, I let it go….not harping on all my hard last minute work!

By the way, I'm not kidding….she is a little stylista.  But, it is NOT a cute one!  Actually, it's pretty hideous and raunchy (how in the world do you spell that?) if you ask me. 
I thought I had at least a few more years before dealing with this.

I guess it's actually a good thing, sort of.  It's helping me not care as much about how we look in public.  Now granted, I do care some, but not as much as I'm usually tempted to.
{That's a whole other post coming soon.  I'm still praying through all the thoughts/ideas 
God is gently pounding on me.}

I need to take pictures and show you the proof of this little stylist.  Here's a couple...

just random….

She likes to squeeze into Adolyn's clothes, and is therefore raunchy, and this outfit does not go out in public…I do care about her body being covered!  Although you see a swimsuit here, this is her every day wear around the house….and she looks real raunchy when she throws on the dress up heels.

{I don't guess I have my camera out much in the morning outside, but that was taken around 8 or 9 a.m. and the light is so pretty and makes the colors just pop!  I knew morning light was good, but I hadn't thought about it being so bright and crisp…versus the warm glowing light in the evening.  Below are a couple I took of Adolyn - in the same shorts - on a different day around the same time and place, 
but with different camera settings.  The pic above was with a lower aperture, hence the brightness and blurred background.  That is my unprofessional photography input for the day!}

mad cowgirl….

happy cowgirl to see figs in the tree….

just cute...

Anyway, Anna Jaymes is also getting pretty snazzy with the camera lately.  I can't believe that I even trust her to hold it, but it's a great thing I can share with her and let her get to do what I do.  Although now that she just got her own little camera for her birthday, maybe mine is in the clear for a while.
She's learning a good little bit about mine though.  I mean it does seem like it'd be a little tricky to a little person to hold the button and focus on the subject and then continue to press down, huh?

Here's some of her latest professional pics:

the beginning of the headband and half of my face...

Cole and some spit-up a while back…

Her low view of the beautiful bride! 


Ok, here's the headband on some lovely unbrushed hair...

Maybe we'll have some use for it one day!

original materials for the headband…the only ivory material I could find was the silky kind, but not the dupioni silk like the red and pink:

I didn't know if I would use the colored shirts, so I got them anyway and thought some little pink or red headbands would be cute for other things, too….haven't done those yet.

And finally, last, but not least….the joys of potty training…..f.y.i. this is what a turd {can I write that on here?} looks like when it comes out of the dryer!  How in the world it even got in there is unbeknownst to me.  It should have been dissolved in the wash, but I guess it was crammed in something pretty good! It also left plenty of skid marks in the dryer.  DISGUSTING!!  Plus, this was NOT even from the diapers!  It was in some shorts. Some sneaky little potty trainer I have here!  But, anyway now it's a perfectly round turd…

And, yes the whole load of clothes got washed again because it STUNK! I couldn't figure out where the smell was even coming from at first until the little turd fell out and rolled across the floor. YUCK!

I have so much constantly on my mind to share and write about….especially pictures for you who often ask for them!  I'm still trying to find my place on this blog and seek Christ as to how much I should be here and what I should write about or post.  My heart and desires have greatly transformed from when I started this. So, when in doubt, I tend to not move at all….and just wait.   Hopefully, I'll have some answers soon!  Or some time to actually write!  I'll try to do a photo update in the meantime.

I did add some new links to the side bar that I've found very helpful lately!


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  1. Crystal you had me laughing with this post! I love it and can relate to so much! I hope your well and hope to see you soon!!!